In a bad way

"Shame on the Tift County commissioners for not doing something about the traffic problem at Carpenter and Whiddon Mill before the new school opens. Also shame on the board of education for letting them get away with it."

In need of paving

"Robert Oliver Drive and Sutton Circle are in dire need of being paved. This would save the county and taxpayers money. We as taxpayers need a good road to drive our vehicles on. Every time it rains, someone has their vehicle stuck or is forced into the ditch. Please help us. Please hear our plea, don't let this fall on deaf ears again."

Don't let him slide

"I'm just a little bit disgusted at the person who wrote 'Give Him A Break.' No, the law enforcement isn't going to let a little marijuana slide by. No, 70 percent of this country doesn't smoke marijuana. No, this county isn't prejudice. That man broke the law and he should pay. I think that if you want them to let him slide, you need to go down with him. We're supposed to let things slide just because some big-shot football player thinks he can come down to South Georgia and break the law? I don't think so and neither do the officials of Tift County."

Similar scenario

"In case anyone doesn't understand why not finding weapons in Iraq is important, you have to realize that the only reason justified for one nation to attack another is self-defense against an imminent threat. Get it? If they're not there, then George Bush is a war criminal, period. If this still doesn't make sense to you, try shooting your next door neigbor dead when they go out to get their Gazette in the morning, and then tell the police, 'I thought he had a tank parked in his garage.' They'll help you understand."

What goes with gray?

"Maybe Martha Stewart can find some new ways to decorate a prison cell, because that's where I hope she winds up. People think just because they are rich and famous they are above the law. I have read the entire federal indictment. She is guilty."

Voters have rights

"I have one thing to say about everything with government -- if you didn't vote, shut up. If you did, you got what you asked for. Register and get the hillbillies out of there ASAP."

Need consolidation

"The county broke? I don't think so. Look at what the sheriffs office generated in the report you mention. We harp and harp on public safety and this sheriff just returned more than half his budget in traffic fines. No one seems to mention that. What this county needs is consolidation and new management and most of all tax assessors who understand math."

A winning attitude?

"As the wife of a high school football coach, it amazed me to read that the Irwin County football coach is whining about his team having to play in a tough region. My husband would relish the opportunity to play and beat teams that were considered to have the upper hand. Where is this man's winning attitude? And what does his attitude say to his players about the confidence he has in them as a team?"

Where's the proof?

"Well, I'm glad that there's 'no doubt in your mind' Iraq had weapons that no one has the slightest shred of proof for. Let me know if you see pink elephants or little green men, and I'll be eager to send my kids to die, or start nuking the world."

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