Dangerous sign

"This is a Rant about the intersection of Highway 82 and Inman Street in Ty Ty. There is a portable sign on its property that is going to cause someone to get killed. You have to pull out onto Highway 82 before you can see around the sign, and half the time they also have a pickup truck parked by the sign which makes you have to pull out even further onto Highway 82. Please move your portable sign before someone gets killed."

Terrible sight

"The landscaping at the ABAC exit is an eyesore for the City of Tifton. What a waste of money. I thought the garden clubs wanted to enhance this exit. If this exit wasn't going to be maintained, it should have not been touched. A few planted trees would have done a great job for this exit."

Damage from roads

"This is a Rant and a Rave. First off, we, the citizens of Enigma, would like to thank our mayor, Cecil Giddens, and the volunteer department and families for the best Fourth of July celebration ever. Good job. But we would like to know, when are these roads, Easters Drive and off of Easters Drive, going to get paved. We have been very patient, but these roads are tearing our vehicles apart. Please hurry."

A matter of time

"In the Rant and Rave, 'People kill people,' I agree with this. The drug dealers are making a slow death on the families of the ones that they're selling to. It's just a matter of time."

Is it the same?

"When firefighters assume an offensive posture to a fire, is that the same thing as fighting a fire?"

Too much increase

"I notice in the paper where the Tift County Commission finds problems with the study that the consultants did, saying that the taxpayers in the city were being overcharged, double paying. But when it comes to another study by consultants which says county employees should get a 30 percent raise, the county board accepts their word for that and sets out ways to implement it, even though they can't balance the budget they already have. I find this very upsetting."

Misleading statement

"This is in regard to the remark that Buddy Bryan made in the paper the other day about 80 percent of the sheriff's department paperwork is in the city. That is misleading, if not totally false. I challenge Mr. Bryan to produce proof that 80 percent of the sheriff's department calls are in the city. Running radar on I-75 is not the same as actually answering calls in the city limits, which the SO rarely ever does. It is simply not true. The county units will drive by a broke-down vehicle and call the city to handle it. They don't handle accidents. They call the GSP to do that. And last but not least, if 80 percent of the time is spent inside the city limits, who's protecting the county? Or is the money from the interstate more important?"

Don't take the guns

"About the gun control concerning all the shootings going on in the world. You can take away the guns from everyone but that is not going to solve our problems. The ones doing the shooting are going to get their guns illegally to commit a crime. So taking the guns away from honest people is not the answer."

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