Fix the eyesore

"The Pre-K Center is an eyesore when compared to the other schools in Tift County. The classrooms need painting, and carpet in other schools has been removed that looks better than this carpet. Instead of being a model for other school systems, this looks like the stepchild. Of course, if you go down the administrative wing, there you see fresh paint and new carpeting. What does this say about the priorities in our school system?

Obvious agenda

"Three cheers for the author of the July 3 editorial. If there has ever been an argument against consolidation, this editorial points it out. It's obvious now why the county is bent on consolidation. They need the city's money and they want power. They couldn't care less about what is in the best interests of the citizens of Tift County. They screwed up their world and now they want to get their hands on ours."

Considerate GSP

"Thank you, State Patrol Trooper TFC R.A. Kennedy and Deputy Ryner Patrick of the sheriff's department for being so polite and considerate on Sunday, June 15 at the wreck on Highway 82 East."

"Just for the record, Mr. Vice Mayor, there's people in the county besides those in Pebblebrook, Spring Hill, Taylor Ridge and Forest Lakes that have their life savings in their homes, and they mean just as much to us as the ones in those places. As for the county commissioners and chairman, I think they should all should be kicked off the board, maybe in the next election."

A great show

"A big rave for the 4th of July fireworks display at Agrirama and much thanks to The City of Tifton for providing this spectacular event."

No more shootings

"Six dead in Mississippi, a son shoots his father in Florida, accidental shootings every day. What else must happen before we start thinking about more gun control? Does another sniper need to claim more lives?"

Wake me when it's over

"Somebody in NASCAR better do something about these restrictor-plate races because they are the most boring races of the year. Talladega and Daytona are supposed to be two of your showcase races but you've got to battle sleep when everybody's afraid to pass or causing the wreck that wipes out the field. It's time for a change."

Time to turn

"Folks, in your car, there is a little thing that sticks out of your steering column. It's called a turn signal or a blinker and if you're turning off the street you're on, you're supposed to use it. If it doesn't work, go get it fixed. I've almost hit two people in the past week who turned right in front of me or who slowed down all of a sudden and never used it."

Reading success

"I want to say thank you to the folks at the Reading Center who do the AR points program. We moved here this summer and our daughter took her first test and was so proud of herself for earning points. What a wonderful program and I couldn't beleive all of the children waiting to read and take another test. The person who came up with this concept deserves a big pat on the back. In 25 years, we'll thank you for bettering the quality of life in Tift County."

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