Clear it up

"I'm a trucker. I got a ticket. With all this construction and all, I don't know which lane I should be driving in. Right now, I don't think it's justified, with the way they have it all marked off with the construction vehicles and all that stuff there."

Setting priorities

"I'd like to comment on this 'Deaf ears,' where the citizen said he was going to go but it wouldn't have done any good, and he was right -- it wouldn't have done any good to go. The school board said that the state cut millions of dollars from their budget, because they didn't have any money. ...And still the state can give $700,000 roughly to the City of Tifton here to redo the sidewalks in Tifton. Now, something's not adding up here. What's more important? They can cut all the schools' stuff out but they can wastefully spend money on redoing the sidewalks."

How to tell

"You might be a redneck if you have nothing better to do than sit around and complain about people having fun and drinking beer at the beach."

Support officers

"I disagree with all these liberals and these unAmerican-type people that are condemning the police in England for shooting the guy in the head that wouldn't stop when they told him to. ...They were looking out for the people of England, and we need more of that in the United States. If a guy has got a backpack on and is running and is told to stop and he doesn't stop, he should be shot in the head. That way he won't be able to detonate the bombs. And I don't understand these people that are giving them a hard time, because they did exactly what should be done. "

Beautiful flowers

"I want to Rave about the crape myrtles. Aren't they beautiful this year? And did you know that if you cut the seed pods off they will bloom again in about three weeks? Mine are starting their second blooming right now."

Ready to go

"With all the crime we have in the United States and the people that commit them able to get by with it because of the liberal laws, we have more and more people that are going out and buying handguns and getting ready to protect themselves. And then we have all these people that are anti-gun to start with telling them that they need gun locks and need to have those guns unloaded and locked in a safe place in the house, that there should be a law. Well, that's the sillest thing. It takes only a moron that would say that."

Make 'em pay

"Part of the reason that students are absent so much and it causes our system to not meet standards is because of the out-of-county students we accept in Tift County. There is no legal recourse for out-of-county students being absent. Our truant officers cannot go out of county to make contact with students or parents. The school board, however, could help by charging for these out-of-county students and then maybe the only out-of-county students we would have would be those that really wanted to go to school and therefore our absentee rate would go down and we would meet the standards set by the state."

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