Blood is appreciated

"The American Red Cross would like to thank all of the donors that came to the emergency blood drive held on Wednesday. We are extremely sorry for the long wait and apologize for any inconvenience. The response was wonderful, but much greater than expected. There were 93 units of lifesaving blood collected. The units will help save lives over the Fourth of July holiday. In addition, we want to thank our loyal donors, sponsors and volunteers. Your wonderful support is always appreciated."

Paying the price

"To the person who wanted to know how many people Clinton's zipper had killed, the answer is thousands. If he'd paid a little more attention to tracking down Osama bin Laden instead something else, we may not have lost the people in the Twin Towers."

Can't get it done

"I'm calling about the editorial that was in Thursday's paper about the county government. I agree with it totally. The county government just needs to disband because they can't get anything done, and maybe the consolidation issue isn't such a bad idea if it goes to the city, because the county sure can't ever get anything done."

Hard-working kids

"Respect. If you want to see respectful, hard-working, dedicated young people, come check out our students at Tai Kwon Do USA. The future is bright, and America is in good hands."

No probable cause

"This is in response to 'Obvious problem.' Yes, I agree these are not prayer meetings going on when you see groups of people gathered up around the house, but the sheriff's department is limited by certain things. It's called probable cause in the United States constitution and the Georgia constitition. The sheriff's department's not doing a sorry job, they're just limited by the laws that protect us."

A great team

"I want to Rave about Dr. Wight and his nurse Jean at Affinity. I think they are one of the best. I've been going to them a long time. All doctors are good, but they're one of the best."

Get rid of melons

"Would the city department please put an ad in the paper telling people how to dispose of watermelons? We have some people at the west end of 19th Street that will not put their watermelons in the trash can that they have from the city. They are throwing them in the drainage ditch at the west end of 19th Street. So will you please tell them how to wrap the watermelons and put them in a paper bag and put them in the city trash drums instead of putting them in the ditches where they smell and stink?"

Unwarranted praise

"I'm absolutely floored whenever someone heaps praises on racists like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. What is wrong with people?"

Extra hardship

"I see lots of grandparents with their small grandchildren in tow. Parents you should be ashamed, some of these older people have trouble walking, stooping, bending, seeing, hearing, etc. Not only are you putting a hardship on them, but in some cases the children are in danger."

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