How do you know

"This is in response to Elm, Poplar and Alder streets not being paved. I would just like to know how come ... they knew they weren't paved. Those are the dirtiest, filthiest streets Tifton has. You can't tell if they are paved or not because of all the trash, broken glass and beer cans lying everywhere."

Twisted Answer Part II

"Christianity was not even mentioned in 'Read Your History Part II.' You only assume that I am a Christian due to the fact that you have no other argument against the establishment clause, which is plainly stated in the first amendment of our constitution. I could be Islamic, a Buddhist, a Christian or even Jewish. The fact remains that there is no separation clause."

Not the clothes

"This is a rant in regard to 'Straighten Up.' Now, what gave you the idea that it had to be a thug just because he wasn't dressed properly? What is dressed properly? I have seen people in clubs with suits, jeans, shorts, all kinds of things, but the clothes they are wearing don't decide whether or not they are a thug or not. You know what we need to start doing as people? Stop judging."

Sad but true

"To the person that can't believe that anyone with the school system makes as little money as a parapro does, we do. I work everyday in the school system and there is no way I come close to $8,000 a year. I take home less than $400 a month. To the people who are complaining about teachers and other school employees who receive insurance, we don't receive anything. You pay out of your check for it every month and it is not cheap. So please quit complaining."

No cards

"Many of the stores, especially grocery stores, are using what they call advantage cards where if you have the card you can get things cheaper than the person who just walks in without one. ...Any time I find a grocery store or anything else that uses those things, I find me another store. I'm sure, well, I do know some other people who do the same thing. I think the people, it's my opinion, that the people that are using those advantage cards in the stores in the long run are losing money."

Not Christians

"In response to, "Twisted Answer," I agree with you. Christians are liars, along with every one I've had any contact with. I have attended 15 Christian churches in my life and met only a handful of Christians, the remainder being church members. Church members are mean-spirited, vengeful, self-righteous,, self-fulfilling, condemning people hanging out in their hypocritical groups. True Christians are humble, loving and forgiving and always ready to help and associate with their neighbors regardless of their race, class or background. Truly straight is the gate and narrow is the way which leads to life and few there be that find it."

Step it up

"Why is everyone praising the Omega police for catching seven drug dealers in three months? I can catch seven drug dealers in seven days. All you have to do is ask around. It's not that hard. I think they should step it up a little bit if they want to impress somebody."

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