Same old story

"It is just like Tifton to have school teachers who were caught for DUI while they were school teachers, a principal at the high school caught for DUI while he was principal and now we have a convicted felon as the top official in the education business in our county. It makes sense to me."

Poor choice

"Trespassing. Lack of judgment. Both sides were wrong but when Richard Golden chose to use a gun, he reacted and made a poor choice. He needs anger management. Lets move on and focus on the people who make sane, multiple choices under pressure everyday, teachers and students."

Voter recall?

"Richard Golden, a convicted felon, and the entire school board should face an immediate voter recall. It is time for the citizens of Tift County to step in and do what is right. Tift County demands and deserves better government."

Good luck, Richard

"I am not connected with the school board or education system in Tift County in any way. However, I am a warrior who has returned home from wars and want to be at peace with the world and see things done right. I think that is exactly what the school board did when they elected Golden back to his rightful position. He should have never left it. I think he is a great man for the job and I am glad to see that the people realized that and put him back in there. I wish him all the luck in the world."

Rave for Relay

"This is a rave for everybody involved in Relay for Life, no matter what projects they work on. It is a rave for everybody who does good out of kindness and generosity. Thank you."

Wrong precedent

"I would like to make a statement about Mr. Golden being back as chairman of the Board of Education. Number one, I thought if you were a convicted felon serving your sentence, that you could not hold public office. Number two, it doesn't say a lot about our board having a convicted felon serving his sentence as chairman. I don't have a problem with Mr. Golden. I just have a problem with the precedent it sets. Someone like that can't look out for the best welfare of our kids."

The Golden rule

"We should follow the Golden Rule. If my child so much as hits another child, if my child so much as breaks a rule the consequence is that he is kicked out of school and his education is gone forever. But, Mr. Golden took things into his own hand and he felt as if he was protecting himself, as my child was doing. There is no consequence to his behavior. What kind of school are we running?"

Hats off, kids

"Good morning. I would just like to say that I was dropping my little boy off at school and I saw some kids in a circle at Eighth Street. I asked what they were doing and he said Mama they are having prayer. I said you know, we need more prayer in school. It perked my heart to just see them praying. My hat goes off to them because we need it right now in a time like this. Just keep on praying kids and don't give up. Hang in there and God will see us through."

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