Just the facts

"To the person who is still working at 80 to pay teachers' retirement, I say that he must not understand that all teachers pay heftily into their retirement accounts every month for 30 years. As for a three-month vacation, it is more like six weeks and they aren't paid for any vacation time. They work 190 days a year and they receive a salary for 190 days. That salary is spread out over a 12-month pay period. Learn the facts before complaining. What would we do without our teachers?"

Your choice

"I am tired of people trying to put down other people who have religion or want to be Christians and so forth and claiming we are trying to force it on them. I don't believe that religion should be forced on anybody, but the fact that you proclaim your views doesn't mean you are trying to force it on them. It's like watching television. You can watch what you see and believe what you want to."

Fortunate indeed

"This is in response to the 'More Than Luck' rant. If the survivors of the Tsunami should thank God, then the logical conclusion is that God allowed over 150,000 to die. Should their families blame God for their deaths? Well yes, if there is a God and this God decides who lives and who dies. Spare me the apologetic rejoinder that God works in mysterious ways. The survivors were fortunate indeed."

Hang in there

"Just a message to the gentleman passing out gospel tracts. Be not discouraged but encouraged because the world hated God before it hated you. He said, and I quote, 'Whosoever shall not receive you nor hear you, when you depart, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I say unto you that it shall be more tolerable for Soddom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city.'"

Good job TCFD

"This is a Rave for the Tift County Fire Department. Capt. Jackson, Fireman Taylor and Fireman Drawdy came to the Golden Age Club today and gave a program on fire safety and it was just a fantastic program. ...I'm proud of the fire department."

Inappropriate theme

"...Regarding 'Any way's' rant of Jan. 6, I would not be offended at all if this year's theme was about cow manure, but it's not. This year's theme is inappropriate. I too am a cancer survivor and to date my type of cancer has no cure, so this event is crucial for millions just like me. However, I don't feel that a single cent should be raised at someone else's expense. "

Overlooked group

"School is a little war zone, but para-pros get overlooked too. We grade papers, teach small groups, cover for classes the teachers need to leave and we get no additional sub pay when there are no subs to be found. We work the same duties as teachers and sometimes more and we don't even get paid living costs...How are we to pay bills for a family on this, especially if the parent is a single parent, on just $8,000 per year?"

Two great guys

"This is a rave for two gentlemen in this community - Mr. Bobby Helms and Mr. Jason Connell. They are two of the nicest people to help others than you can find anywhere. A big thanks to them and keep up the good work."

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