Hard workers

"This is for the lady or whoever put the Rant in there about the Mexicans. I'd like to see two white people and two black people get out and work as hard in the fields as they do, because the white and the black people ain't going to do it. If the white people and the black people had to do it, we wouldn't be eating."

Higher and higher

"Tift County citizens, if this resolution between the county and the city for fire protection goes through, our county taxes are going up again. As quoted from this resolution, the cost of providing fire protection services shall be allocated to a special tax district comprised of the unincorporated areas of the county, possibly including the cities of Omega and Ty Ty. It would be better to allow the volunteers to continue as they do now and provide them with the training they need as first responders and keep the city fire department out of the county. Help keep our taxes down. Contact your district commissioner and help us stand up for Tift County."

An angry man

"If Dean had a chance for the White House, he certainly lost it last night after that fit of anger he showed on television. He really blew it, I think."

Need some signs

"I'm calling in reference to the yellow Ten Commandments signs. I would like to get two of those to display in my yard, and I was wondering how or who do I need to contact in order to get two of those signs. If you know, please help me out."

Editor's note: The signs are available at Tim's Pest Control, Tift Sports Shop and Silver Selections.

We'll work for it

"This is in reference to 'No reward' and 'Do it right.' Yes, I'm going to take your job you don't want and I'm going to be your neighbor. And yes, we do pay taxes and we don't take your Medicaid. We work hard for what we have and no one gives it to us. There is an ad in the paper today where they are hiring 272 farm workers, and by the law they have to give these jobs to the American people before farmers bring in any Mexicans to do these jobs. The job starts March 1 and goes through Dec. 31. Now, I wonder how many Americans will go to the Department of Labor and apply for this job."

Is Dean crazy?

"I hope Howard Dean wins in New Hampshire because if he doesn't, he might have a heart attack right on TV. I think something's wrong with Howard. I think he needs some medication."

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