Think about it

“Politicians should not insult the intelligence of taxpayers by touting the SPLOST. Most disingenuous is the claim that 40 percent of SPLOST receipts come from travelers and tourists. Think about it! If this claim is true, and every community makes the same claim when selling the SPLOST to their voters, then when we travel we in turn are paying 40 percent of every other communities’ expenses by paying their SPLOST taxes. So, wouldn’t logic tell us that it all washes out in the end? ...I would much prefer to see politicians brag about fiscal conservatism and sound management than about taking $60 million from taxpayers’ pockets.”

Light on the subject

“Please replace some of the lights that used to shine on the Eighth Street Track. The walkers and joggers certainly would appreciate it.”

Turn out

“I agree with ‘More than one’ on saying that the wrestling team isn’t very well supported by the people of Tift County. I have two friends on the JV wrestling team, and they work VERY hard. So please, Tift County, come to the wrestling meets.”

We need a sign

“We are newcomers to Tifton. We like the town VERY much. It is ever so friendly and a great place to live. We have only one problem so far. Street signs. I know all the local people do not need the signs because they just know where they are going. But, people like us that are learning our way around sure do need the signs. So many of the streets do not have signs. Still a great town.”

Other options

“Some of us, believe it or not, don’t give one whit for either ‘pro’ sports or spectator sports. My family are ‘fans’ of Mozart, Beethoven, and books.”

Where are they?

“And where are the fans for baseball, soccer, softball, cross country, track and field, and the other high school sports in Tifton? Football is the only sport draw in this community, and only when the team is winning (which, frankly, has been pretty limited in the past decade). The success of the other sports is not important in Tift County. Just ask those who allocate dollars for TCHS sports programs - the football program always wins, even when the team doesn’t on the field.”

Get involved

“Parents, you need to get involved at your child’s or children’s school. If you send your child to school to get an education, you need to make sure your child is getting an education!”

Pick it up

“The city needs to spend less time worrying about preserving so-called historic property and more time sweeping streets. I counted over 20 piles of junk just between 12th and 20th streets on alleys and roads. Trash isn’t collected if not in the container. Can’t the city at least conduct a monthly or quarterly sweep to clean this place up?”

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