One to the other

“What does having a master’s degree have to do with patrolling Tifon with your eyes and ears and good intelligence instead of looking at a radar screen in hopes of writing a traffic ticket?”

Their fair share

“Even though the sheriff’s department, state patrol and public safety department are patrolling the interstate daily, the Tifton Police Department should be allowed to get their fair share of the revenue also. And no, keep your excuse about accidents to yourselves. We’re not stupid.”

It’s taught

“ALL children in school are taught correct grammar. Many of these children don’t hear correct grammar used at home and many don’t do their homework. Rest assured, correct grammar IS taught to every child.”

More than money

“It takes more than money to keep employees psychologically fit for duty as a law enforcement officer. And nobody wants to remain at the bottom so they can do ‘real police work.’ ...Why educate your officers or pay for their education if they can’t use it? Why spend money to send someone to the the FBI Academy if they aren’t going to be doing ‘real police work’? ...Money pays the bills, that’s all. Encouragement to better one’s self, incentive to be all that you can be and recognition for a job well done is much more important than money. Especially to the community.”

Cash cow?

“In the article, ‘Interstate is HOT topic,’ if Chief Smith and his supervisors Larry Riner and Jim Brooks from Macon, Ga., think that they have explained and justified why we need to put police officers on I-75... They have not explained or justified anything. ...If you’re going to explain something, go pull the figures and show the accidents that happen inside the city on I-75 and show how many calls for service went out there. But it’s not going to justify police officers placing working on the interstate when we’ve got troopers and sheriff’s deputies already there. The bottom line, and they didn’t bring it up in the article, is cash cow, support the city, cash cow.”


“Now with the latest postage increase, will Tifton finally be getting a much-needed new post office complex?”

All about money

“This is about the police department and interstate debate. Regardless of the supposed reasons for placing some of our local officers on the interstate, it all boils down to money. While our police officers are riding out on the well-lit highway, some areas of our town have gone to open outdoor drug dealing. Please get off the interstate, leave it to the DOT and state police and go back to protecting the local citizens again.”

Back it up

“I’m calling in regards to this traffic, high-velocity, in our neighborhood and area. The people speed, they come up and down the road like it was a race track. ....Maybe they ought to have a surveillance out here with dogs. Maybe they should stop this loud music and these loud pipes, tinted glass so you can’t see them. I’m asking you, please, give citations. Show the people that you really, really, truly mean what you say. ...”

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