The only one

“Interestingly, the only ex-president of the United States to send congratulations to Sir Elton on his gay marriage was none other than Bill Clinton.”


“When our current lieutenant governor was elected about six years ago, his acceptance speech was a masterpiece filled with promises to put aside petty politics and work with both parties for the good of this state. The very next week, he knocked off every committee member who had voted against him. Then before he had ever served as a lieutenant governor for 90 days, he said he would be running for governor of Georgia. It will indeed be interesting to see what kind of political strings he will be trying to pull between now and the election.”

Do away with it

“This town voted no smoking in public places and just about every bar you go to in Tifton smoking is being allowed. Do away with it.”

Keep STAR program

“I am a concerned parent. It really upsets me that they’re getting rid of the STAR Program... Yes, my child was in there but when he graduated, he said that the STAR Program was doing him good. My son now is signed up for the Marines. He graduates in three more weeks. I will be happy to go and see him. He said the STAR Program is the best thing that ever happened to him. I heard this was the last year for the STAR Program. ...If it weren’t for Sgt. Morris, I would never know, my kid would have been in the streets or somewhere but he pointed my son in the right direction. Please, please keep the STAR Program.”

Great service

“This is a rave for Mrs. Tucker at Northeast Campus. I had a problem with one of my children and I knew I was going awfully early. I got there about 7:35 or 7:40 hoping to catch someone because I needed to be at work at 8. She was there and she helped me and we got our problems straightened out and I got to work on time. What better service can you ask? We really need more people like her to be at work that early to help others.”

Good nurse

“I would like to put in a rave for Teresa Lewis at Berrien County Nursing Home. She is a very good nurse, mother, wife and friend. Love her very much.”


“This is in response to ‘Getting the most out of jail.’ The questions posed to the HOT Team were clear and direct. The responses by the HOT Team were vague, ambiguous and some were not even complete sentences. I read the article twice and I was left dizzy. How can you have a strategic plan that can not be explained clearly, even by its officers?”

Guardian angel

“I would like to rave about a young lady named Glenda Lewis. I was in Harvey’s one day and I almost tripped and fell. This young lady came out and caught me. It’s like God sent me an angel. This young lady is so sweet. She goes to Tift County High School and she’s in the 11th grade and I feel just like God sent me an angel. I was at (a shoe store) one time and I couldn’t reach a shoe and she came out and gave a helping hand and got me that shoe down. It’s like she is my guardian angel.”

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