Turn on the lights

"I see deputy sheriffs and state patrolmen and law enforcement officers down here out checking for seat belts every time I go out, which is fine and dandy. But when I get out in the dark and driving down the road, here are all these people in their trucks coming along and cars with no lights on and it's dark. Why aren't they out there getting those people? They're more dangerous than driving without a seat belt. They should have that as their first priority. I don't know what's wrong with them."

Give him wings

"I see on Thursday night's evening news where Tenet comes on TV and tries to address the nation and tells everybody if Iraq had had this and if Iraq had had that, there could have been weapons of mass destruction. The point is this: If a bullfrog had wings, he wouldn't bump his butt every time he jumped. Is this an 'if' administration we have? Obviously so. Tenet, like his leader, George Bush, is obviously lying to the public. He has been since the inception of this thing and will continue to do so. Wake up, folks. See what's going on around you in this world and let's give this man some wings, George Bush, and let him fly back to Texas and retire somewhere. Get rid of him."

It's all the same

"I am so insulted by the people who are so insulted by the breasts on TV at Super Bowl. But they will watch The Discovery Channel and watch complete nudity all day long with their families. No matter who they are, it's nudity."

Doesn't add up

"I was at a local restaurant the other day and I had to wait over 20-some-odd minutes for a table because they had at least 40 seats for smoking people to smoke and there weren't that many people smoking. I can't understand why they can't follow suit like the hospital and just go to a smoke-free restaurant. I shouldn't have to wait to eat while two people sit there and smoke. That's ridiculous. Do the math."

Mystery food

"I see just about every day or hear someone say if it wasn't for us having illegal Mexicans in this country, how would we eat? We just wouldn't be eating because American people won't get out and do the job. Well, I've been eating for a lot of years and I know Mexicans haven't been here but for maybe 10 or 15 years. So who was doing the work back then? I never went hungry, I assure you."

Leave kids alone

"This is to all the molesters in the world. It is so sad to know that the little girl was found dead, killed by a molester. There are so many women in the world that are willing to give their bodies away. So please, please, please stop bothering these children. That messes up their minds, mentally and physically. So to the molesters, if you've just got to have someone, go and get you a drug addict and please leave our children alone."

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