No solution

"This is in response to the people who want us to use XM radio so we can have variety in our music. Well, not all of us can afford that solution. Besides, what's wrong with variety in our local radio stations? As much as I like country, I do like to listen to other music too. And what did happen to 97.7?"


"The teachers would like to know who is responsible for changing our insurance package. We are getting less insurance for more money. We are very disappointed. Morale is very low, and we cannot get any answers about why."

It pays to Rant

"I'm calling to Rave about the road construction on Golden Road. I'm finally happy to see that it's being fixed. I guess Ranting for so long pays off eventually, huh?"

Send 'em back

"It seems that many of our liberals and in my opinion meatheads that are opposed to the children having the Ten Commandments or any religious material around the schools because of the immigrants that are coming from other countries that have other types of religion. This thing has been, we've had it for all ever since my great-granddaddy was fighting with George Washington and I don't see any reason to change it. I think the simple way of disposing of this problem is to send all these people that don't believe in our way of life back to where they came and then they'd feel right at home there. I don't think they should be coming over here and changing something that's worked for us since the Pilgrims landed."

Elm St. next

"I have a Rant and a Rage this morning concerning Golden Road. I agree with the writer. It is beautiful. You can drive on it. My question is this: It seems like they're having a problem fixing up Elm Street where we have to run these school buses every day and now they've got it messed up more than it's ever been and they've got a detour and everything else. That one spot has cost the taxpayers money on top of money on top of money and it doesn't seem like anybody can fix it or try to fix it. When and how are y'all going to fix it and fix it like it's supposed to be? It's a good question."

Clean sweep

"I wanted to comment about the Rant about 'Time to clean house.' I agree with that individual. It's time to clean house here, starting from the top all the way through the system, all except the head softball coach. She's a good coach...We can't win a championship until we get somebody in here who doesn't have any connection with Tift County and is not afraid to play the right people. Yeah, it's time to clean house."

How to tell

"I'm calling in about whoever wrote in Sunday. I got a big laugh out of this when I read where someone called in, it had to be a tax collector or a politician, that Tifton has not raised taxes in 15 years. I got a big laugh out of that because 15 years ago my property taxes were $378. This year, they're $1,280-something dollars. If there hasn't been a tax increase in 15 years I want the county to send me a refund on all this money I've been paying taxes on. They might not have raised the millage rate, but they've raised the property value every year to get more money. So we need a refund here if there hasn't been a tax increase. This had to be a politician. The only way you can tell if a politician is lying to you is if his lips are moving. I hope he has a heck of a good day."

Shape up

"I see where the UN President Kofi Annan says that in the future the United Nations has to approve any actions taken by us for another country. We ought to tell him to get back over where he belongs and he can't tell the United States what to do. The United Nations is sticking their nose in a lot of things that it wasn't created for. I happen to know at the time that this organization was developed, what they stood for. And since that time they're more concerned about people that lie around and get AIDs than they are about the safety of the United States. It's about time we tell them to shape up or ship out, and that one particular person needs to ship out real fast."

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