Why the change?

"I was wanting to call about the Georgia State Patrol post that they just built here in Tift County. Why did they build it? You still have to go to the old place to get MV1's, your driving record. There's only two women in about a 7,000 square foot building and there is not any activity going on out there. I can't understand why they wouldn't move everything into one location. Thank you."

Editor's note:The State Patrol handles highway safety. A completely separate agency handles driver's licenses.

Not torture

"This is in reference to the editorial on torture. Harsh questioning is not torture. Why didn't the news media rise up when they were beheading us? That's torture."

Put him back

"It is time to give the keys back to Saddam and reinstate him in Iraq. He or someone like him is the only person who can run that place."

Sweet event

"This is a rave for the syrup company that gave the breakfast last Saturday. It was really nice. Thanks to all of you good people down there."

Real fans

"I am calling in response to the person that wrote in 'Aren't the real fans.' The real fans are the people who don the red and black from head to toe and the real fans are the people that decorate their vehicles with stickers, magnets and wind socks and drive to Athens every weekend to see the dogs play. So until you understand and know what the Red and Black is all about, I suggest you go out and buy you something. Go Dawgs."

Treat animals well

"What kind of person is it that enjoys seeing pain inflicted on defenseless animals? Surely not one of God's children. Rooster fights is another bad thing that is going on probably right here in Tifton. I hope and pray that the law will stop all of these bloody sports from happening and that the people who get caught will spend a few years behind bars for what I call a terrible crime."

Defending Tucker

"Thank you to Ms. Tucker at Eighth Street school for encouraging all children of Tifton in the love of history. As a parent of a former student of Ms. Tucker's, I can truly attest to how much time and effort she puts into every day of her lesson. Please get your facts straight before you assume anything. Crazy huh?"

Great play

"Bravo to Ms. Vassey and her students at Northeast Campus school for their play last night. What a great job they did and everyone in the audience truly loved the performance. Thank you Ms. Vassey for being such a great teacher and for instilling in our children the love for the arts."

Beautiful lights

"Congratulations and thanks to the City of Tifton. The employees have really outdone themselves this year with the decorations and Christmas lights in the park. They are beautiful this year. Great job done and Merry Christmas to one and all."

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