A true blessing

"I'd like to leave a Rant and a Rave in the paper to Mrs. Joyce Howell and Elder Howell for having an outing for the kids on last Saturday at Strickland Temple Church, and all the volunteers that helped. I think that was a blessing, and I hope they continue to do it and may God just continue to bless them. And we really enjoyed the outing. Sister Carlissa Dawson, in Christ."

A great decision

"This is congratulations to the Tifton-Tift County city and county commission meeting on voting your no-smoking ban in all local restaurants. Thank you. I certainly appreciate it. Thank you very much."

Not for everyone

"This is for 'No government help.' I'm a farmer, and I can tell you that all farmers do not get grants. The grants only go to a very select few."

No more money

"I'd like to comment on the alcohol and liquor referendum votes we had. Why don't all the do-gooders just get with the state, federal government and all and tell them that we don't want any tax money back in Tift County off of the alcohol, the guns, or the liquor and cigarettes."

Get those skeeters

"I guess this is a Rant to the Tift County Board of Commissioners regarding the budget. I think one thing that they have done is cut out the mosquito spraying program for Tift County, because us people that live in Ty Ty haven't seen the mosquito sprayer around in several, several weeks."

Stand up, be heard

"We need to educate our voters before they are allowed to vote. We need to let them know that they have a voice and if they do not choose to use it, then we just might end up with the wrong man in office. We as Christians need to stand up and let our voice be heard. We are what makes the votes."

Where've you been?

"If John Kerry has the answers to all the world's problems, why has he sit in the Senate for 20 years and not shared all that wisdom with the rest of us?"

Lay off Oprah

"I can't believe that Rant put down Oprah. She has done and is doing more for the children of America and the world than our so called government. I don't live in New York, so they make their own minds up about Hillary."

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