Live for today

"Vietnam ended 30 years ago. Why isn't this election about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Tomorrow's heroes are dying today. Now is the time that counts. Today is the only time that will make a difference."

Keep up good work

"This is a Rave for the ladies at Dr. Dawson's office that are doing Endoscopy procedures. All of his nurses, Ramona, Jessica, Stacey, and Karen you do a super job! Keep up the good work. You are exceptional nurses and make us patients feel at ease during our procedures."

Just makes sense

"Book bags in middle school. It's wonderful that you are thinking of the children. The solution is to have a class set of books bought when other books are purchased. Please contact the superintendent John Harper and your Board representative. Each year, we're buying textbooks. Let this year be the year we buy a class set and stop taking books on buses."

Put it back

"This is response about the shopping carts. I always have a motto. If you borrow something, always return it no matter if it is a shopping cart or wheelchair. I have seen so many wheelchairs left out in the rain. Please always remember to return the things that you borrow. I am trying to teach my kids the same thing."

Had to be there

"As a veteran, I believe if you didn't actually see what happened in combat, you really can't offer an informed opinion on whether someone deserved a medal or not. None of the Swift Boat veterans were there on the spot when it happened which means their kibitzing about about Mr. Kerry's medals is purely uninformed speculation. I find it detestable that anyone would question his bravery and service in combat. If you want to argue about Mr. Kerry's post-Vietnam anti-war record, then have at it; that issue is fair game. Most of us are mature enough to understand that supporting our troops doesn't mean we have to support the political motivations behind the war."

A real disgrace

"George Bush was not AWOL, his records did not show that he was AWOL. Four months does not a war hero make. Look at their political records, not their military records. You Democrats did that for Slick Willy did you not?"

Private business

"Should government stay out of business, providing only necessities for life, safety and overall needs and let companies in the professional arena handle telecommunications, ambulance transports, interstate security, private security and other things that impose on the taxpayer with no return. Managers should cut everything not required for necessary operations."

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