Just mistaken

"I had an uneducated redneck one time call me a liar and that was a big mistake on his part. Some people don't know the difference between being a liar and making a mistake. I could have been mistaken about something but I wasn't lying. There is a big difference. That happened with the Bush administration when all these redneck Democrats hollering about Bush lying. ...He had the information from his own secret service and information from the British, even the Russians. All of them had that information about what Hussein had and we all know that Hussein did threaten the United States and they did give money to some of the people who are doing the damage throughout the world. Bush might have been wrong but he is not a liar."

A big help

"This is a rave for the Tift County Sheriff's Department. Thank you so much for putting this speed sign out here at Brookfield-Lenox Road. It has really helped. There are a few who still abuse it and still speed, but it has helped a whole lot and thank you so much."

Please fix it

"I really would like to know why it has taken two months to get Love Avenue fixed where the ditch is. Surely somebody in Tifton knows how to do it. Has the money run out or does nobody know how to fix it or what? That road has been closed forever. Somebody please go talk to somebody and see if you know how to get it fixed."

Needs a trim

"Someone needs to cut the grass on Bellview Street between Knight's Appliance and B.J.'s Catfish on the curb going towards Charles Spencer School before some pedestrian is hit or two cars hit head on."

One more thing

"I always enjoy Dwain Walden's column, but I really like the one about the food bar. But I do have a rant about one thing he left off. It's those folks that eat on the food bar and they lick their fingers after tasting food and then reach for another handle. Way to go Dwain. Keep up the good work."

Paradise City

"Tifton is Paradise City. Why? Because there are many attributes here. Some of these include love, compassion and altruism. Thanks to our community, we are touching lives in unique ways. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to The Tifton Gazette, Tift Regional Medical Center, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and as well as to our entire community of people who reside here. Thank you all for the unselfishness you have shown."

Where credit is due

"I have checked with the State Department of Education and it is against policy for teachers to give grades or points to students for something their parents did or did not do. This was done at Meet the Teacher Night in Tifton. I can take care of my child's situation, but I wanted other parents to know that they have a legal right to demand that either their child have all the points or that no child get the points."

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