Stop the madness

"If you want to stop these high gas prices, you need to go to the polls in November of next year and vote Democratic, that is, if you can afford the gas to get you to the voting polls."

Not the same rules

"You know, I'm a small businessman. If I have an expense such as an engine going out in one of my vehicles, I have to take that out of my profits to repair it. The oil conglomerates and also the power companies, if they have a problem, we the public pay for it. Houston, I think we have a real problem here."

Not above the law

"Would someone, anyone, please indicate where the first five commandments have become part of our laws? That's right - they have not. Roy Moore is a liar and a criminal. He should be treated as such. He is another Bill Clinton - an elected official who thinks he is above the law."

Too late for church

"I think it is a shame that boys in the school system have football practice so late they can't go to church on Wednesday night. God has been taken out of the school system altogether. At least allow the parents a chance to raise thier children properly. The rec department does not allow practice on wednesday night for this reason I think the school system should follow thier example."

A great party

"I'd like to Rave about the PLIGHT program, I think it is a good program and want to thank you for the block party that you did on Saturday. It was really nice. Keep up the good work."

Double standard

"I'm a senior at TCHS. Recently one of my peers asked if she could display a flyer for a benefit for her dad. She was declined this request. Why? Because it had the name of a church and it was considered religion in school. However, every day we are faced with Y-Club posters, FCA, (which are religious clubs), and reference to God in our literature textbooks. Why is this not religion in school? Why is it right for this to be in our school, but not a flyer?"

Soaring higher

"How ironic that gas prices are soaring now, the weeks prior to the last "summer weekend". They say it is because of the blackout and pipeline. The blackout was two weeks ago and gas went up at a local store today from $1.45 to $1.55."

Know your role

"As I see it, the greatest culprit contributing to America's cultural and political collapse is our church pulpits! Today's pastors seem much more concerned about who is in control of the White House than they are about who is in control of God's house. Instead of being courageous couriers of God's Word, they have become little more than cheap cheerleaders for a political party."

Wonderful company

"I would just like to thank the employees at Arby's in Tifton for being so nice to my family and me. My son was burned in a grease fire about two weeks ago. And we have five other children. And I have been out of work for a few weeks and money has been tight to say the least. When Arby's heard of our troubles, they treated my family to a night out. Something that we wouldn't have been able to do at this time. The kids enjoyed it a great deal. It's great to still have nice folks in the world."

Nothing new

"It was nice to read about the faculty, staff and upper class students helping the freshmen move in at ABAC. However, this program is not unique. This has also been a long-standing tradition at Mercer University."

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