Nothing is forced

"Referring to taxing churches, churches can only lobby their political views, not pass laws. Those who choose to listen have not had anything forced down their throat. It is the churches and the followers who are forced to remove Christian symbols and beliefs from society. I wonder if the ACLU pays taxes?"

Difference in colors

"I am calling to Rant about the inmates at the Tift County Jail. I was wondering why the inmates that dress in orange suits can't go to church or have church services in the jail. The inmates in the black and white can go to church and have church services. We are all God's people whether we are dressed in orange, black and white, blue and white or any other color. Why and what is the difference between the ones in orange and the ones in black and white? I really would like to know."

Forfeiting status

"I was reading "Taxing Churches" in Thursday's paper. If a church holds a political meeting in their church, they forfeit their right to be tax exempt. That is strictly against the 5013C for being a non-profit status. A church should never hold a political meeting in their church or promote any candidate. If they do, they definitely forfeit their tax exempt status."

Separation is the key

You said, 'Americans, wake up. It's time that we wake up and separate the church and the state that is guaranteed in our Constitution.' I agree with part of this, 'Americans wake up.' As far as anything being guaranteed by the Constitution, that time is long gone. The only guarantee we have is, we will be a Socialist country if political correctness is tolerated for much longer."

Proving my point

"To Separation is Key', thank you comrade. You have just proven the point that if the founding fathers were communists, America would not be the country she is today. Keep up the good work spouting your hot air and defining what makes good sense and what doesn't. As for President Bush, he has the right to say God Bless America if he wants without fear of being charged with a crime just as you couldn't be charged with a crime for spouting some of the things you said. Be thankful that this is America."

Community comes through

"This is a big rave to the people of Tift County. We have such wonderful support for our school system. Mr. Connell's class sends a special thanks to Affinity for donating materials for African masks, to the Tifton Gazette for donation of newspapers for current event studies, and a super thanks to our friends and families that continue to send postcards to 8th Street Middle to show our connections to the world. Tift County always comes through for our children and Team Aquila is looking forward to this school year. Thanks everyone!"

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