Just clothes

“To ‘They don't need it’: Kids need clothes, too. I was not looking for the ‘latest trend’ and still could not find enough clothing to fit my child. I do not have the money to buy expensive clothing. I was able to find all of two pairs of shorts that fit for my third grader in Tifton, and he does not need an odd size either.”

Greener grass

“Why is it that people never appreciate their own hometown? When I lived in Charleston, people there said there was nothing to see. Here, I've had tourists who turned the wrong way on Eighth Street asking for directions to the Agrirama. They planned their trip to Tifton to see this attraction. Why can't people here believe Tifton is worth promoting?”

A shame

“Shame on the three members of the Tift County Commission who voted for the subdivision on Old Ocilla Road and to the chairman who let the vote stand, and thumbs up to the persons who have filed suit against them. Three people, none of whom even live in the district being affected by their vote, should not be able to negatively impact the quality of life for another area of the county. When the zoning commission sends a 5-1 vote against a variance, they should have more respect for the board and the people they represent than to overturn it on a 3 out of 7 vote.”

Good job

“Speaking of Hometown Holidays, the lights at Fulwood Park are the best and get better each year. The person on the lawnmower and deer isn’t there every night or for very long. My kids and I have never seen him, but have heard of him. Please come more and stay later this year. Good job!”

Read the rules

“Note to parents: My daughter came home telling me that a female student wore a strapless top to school on the first day. Parents, you should know what your child wears to school. Please read ALL the rules and regulations.”

Clean-up time

“We lived a couple of blocks from the Sears house and we moved for the very reasons in the paper. We rented our home and we kept it looking nice but NONE of our neighbors did. Codes were never enforced no matter how much we complained, drug deals were made on the corner, things were being stolen, and it was not safe for kids. It used to be a nice neighborhood but it is not anymore.”

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