Yeah, sure

“This is in response to ‘Only America’: I agree with you. I think we should send all illegal immigrants home. That would open up all of those great manual labor jobs everyone really wants to do. I don’t know about you, but I hate my office job with A/C and long for extra long days in the sun.”

Clean it up

“The crude, gutter-level language on public airwaves in America needs to be cleaned up in a hurry, even if it means the FCC has to revoke some truckers’ drivers’ licenses or fine their employers.”

Wonderful teachers

“I would like to THANK my wonderful teachers at Eight Street Middle School, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Applewhite and Mrs. Hobby. They are so helpful, especially with the CRCT next week and helping us prepare!!”

Answers can help

“To the reader that said the Census should only count the population: I am only trying to do my job but all information given is completely confidential (per privacy act) and is used for statistical purposes to aid in improving roads, putting in additional schools and even medical clinics or nursing homes. Any questions you do not want to answer can be refused but they can be of beneficial help to your community leaders.”

It depends

“Regarding 15 percent tip, yes, if you get good service you should tip that amount or more. However, when I get bad service, I tip less or none at all, like when a waitress snatches up my salad plate just because the main course has been served without asking me if I was finished. That always results in a no tip.”

Advance notice

“Why does the school only let the parents know money is needed a day or two before the money is due. Most of us only get paid every two weeks and need at least three to arrange our finances.”

Thanks, coach

“I want to thank Coach Brumby and Mrs. Moppy for a wonderful tennis season! It was fun and great! We really did GREAT this season, coming in first again at region!!”

Do your job

“I would like to send a rave to all the waiters and waitresses that do their job and some go above and beyond. To those that do not, I’m sorry you don’t get the tip you think you deserve. Do your job and things will turn around.”


“Everyone, stop your ...whining. Do your jobs as best you can and forget the politics. You’re all making us sick!”

No free services

“I could have not said it better myself. Have you ever thought about running for office? Maybe the reason why they don’t go and protest in Mexico is because there are no FREE government services there and they know they can here even if they are illegal.”

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