Good one

"This is a rave for the April Fool's Day rave about the great job Harry Doss and the road maintenance crews are doing. That's a good one and the best one I've seen all day."

Clean it up

"Can we please have something done about our cemetery. It is pathetic. It has never been in the shape that it is in now. Grass is growing. Please tell the workers to get out of the city park and go to the cemetery and cut the grass there so we won't be ashamed of it."


"I just would just like to ask all of my friends, if they meet somebody that looks like they have been sucking on a sour lemon for a long time, say good morning and give them a smile. He's just a Democrat that is sad because he is not in power anymore and I feel sorry for them."

No euthanasia

"I wonder how many other parents are upset that their children in the seventh grade science class at Eighth Street Middle School are being told that they have to euthanize eight different bugs. I am sure that there is at least 95 percent of the class that are not going to be doctors so what is the point of teaching the children that it is OK to euthanize anything? ... I believe it is time the school board took a look at the curriculum that our children are being taught."

There's a way

"I believe in capitalism in this country, but I also believe that the government allows companies to buy each other out so they can gouge us. Just look at the oil. People are saying well, the government can't do anything. Well, they can stop them from buying each other out... Anybody can do a good job gouging people in the United States. That is politicians selling out to big business. Of course, our leaders around here, all they can do is push privacy bills for these people who have (something) to hide."

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