Get some good rest this week.

Next weekend, 2 a.m. Sunday, March 12, the time changes back to Daylight Saving Time, meaning the clocks spring forward an hour.

That means getting up an hour earlier. In other words, the coming week’s 6 a.m. is this week’s 5 a.m.

My poor family has to deal not only with the time change and the loss of that mythical hour of sleep, they have to put up with me reminding them that this time last week was an hour behind whatever time it is now.

Yes, I will likely say this a week or two weeks after the time change.

You know what’s worse than someone telling you constantly what time it is?

Someone constantly telling you what time it used to be.

I don’t know why I do this but my family knows I’m like a broken clock every time change.

Perhaps, that will come to an end.

Congress is still talking about ending the time change. Seems a lot of the talk would keep Daylight Saving Time instead of Standard Time. DST already lasts about eight months each year, so why not yearround?

This talk seems to come around twice a year whenever it’s time to change the time then vanishes until the next time.

But such a change of, well, no time change, would mean no more trying to remember if clocks go forward or backward.

It would just be the time ... all of the time.

And no more this week’s six o’clock is last week’s five o’clock.

Of course, the mind must wonder, if we do away with Standard Time and keep Daylight Saving Time yearround, what will December look like?

It should mean no more darkness by 5 p.m. Come Christmas, it shouldn’t be nightfall until about 6 p.m.

That sounds great ... but what about the mornings?

The sun rises about midway through the 7 a.m. hour during December. If the time no longer changes, the sun will rise about 8:30 a.m. on December mornings from now on.

So, if the new time measure is approved, not only will I be saying “Merry Christmas” on the morning of Dec. 25 but ... “you know this time last year, the sun was already up.”

Dean Poling is editor of The Tifton Gazette and an editor of The Valdosta Times..

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