‘Tis the season to be jolly yet, Democrats in the House are only decking the halls with articles of impeachment.

After spending weeks desperately searching for anything that could be impeachable it seems that they have finally settled on the ambiguous charge of “abuse of power.” Which is not even a criterion for impeachment according to the Constitution. It is not treason. It is not bribery. It is not a high crime or misdemeanor.

Obviously, the previous claims of a “quid pro quo” were never going to get any traction with the infamous Biden video lingering around. And the other accusations were just far to easy to debunk.

Nevertheless, the Dems march on knowing full well that the Senate is never going to give a two-thirds vote for removal. Especially based upon evidence that is sketchy at best and contrived at worst. In this process, they have somehow created a whole new dimension to the word hearsay. Also, they either do not realize or do not care that by their perverse new standard, every U.S. president in history could have been impeached.

Whether it is George Washington with his Jay Treaty or Thomas Jefferson over the Louisiana purchase. FDR’s Japanese internment camps or Barack Obama’s transgender bathroom directive. Even the great Abraham Lincoln does not pass this standard with his suspension of Habeas Corpus. Moreover, Bill Clinton was not even removed from office when he was impeached on charges of perjury. And he was on video tape clearly committing perjury! Which, by the way, is not in the criteria for impeachment either.

Do not misunderstand me. The House does and should perform the responsibility of oversight but it is quite remarkable what they are attempting to sell to the American people. By doing this, House Democrats are setting a precedent that could possibly jeopardize the future of the presidency. Particularly with respect to an opposing party’s majority in the House of Representatives.

This is the very reason why the standard of impeachment was set so high by the framers. They understood what we are all witnessing unfold. That the power of impeachment itself could be weaponized by the Congress. The founders did not want that. They did not want a British system with a prime minister that serves at the will of the parliament. That is why they established a republic with a president that serves at the will of we the people. This whole thing is so bad for our nation and will only further the divide.

And for what? The president will never be removed based on what has been put forth. He knows it and so do they. It is no more than an exercise in futility. I believe it has much more to do with shielding them from the upcoming Durham Report that could be potentially damning to them and also the fact that they have nobody capable of captivating the voters. No matter how much the media tries to help.

In summation, this is a farce and the founding fathers enshrined impeachment in the Constitution as a last resort remedy for the good of the nation. Not for the good of a party or in this case, a campaign ploy for the DNC.

Tommy Roberts


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