Dear editor,

Rally for Reading (R4R) ‘caught a perfect wave’ for its 6th annual.

A combination of timely spring weather – sunny and 70 degrees - and a host of generous, hard-working and talented volunteers made it happen.

ABAC Coach Dale White and his outstanding international tennis team created a competitive, instructional and fun atmosphere for the 36 players grouped by playing level on the 12 ABAC courts.

A record $4,200 was raised for the Tift County Foundation for Educational Excellence’s ‘Read Aloud’ programs. Special guest Ricki Reader (Conner Jackson) and Greeter Krista Griffin were outstanding. Moppy Brumby both solicited and awarded the prizes donated for the participants.

Players (each placed in one of 12 divisions led by an ABAC player): Harding Brumby/Ct 12; Jere Brumby/Ct 11; Haley Burns/Ct 6; Lleyton Callison/Ct 8; Thomas Coogle/Ct 5; Tom Coogle/Ct 7; Brooks Cross/Ct 1; Kim Cutchins/Ct 4; Chris Cutts/Ct 9; Kylei Cutts/Ct 2; Rick Dimon/Ct 12; Nathan Gabel/Ct 11; Riley Griffin/Ct 3; Hamilton Hilsman/Ct 11; Joe Hilsman/Ct 10; Nate Hilsman/Ct 8; Addison Jackson/Ct 2; Bill Jackson/Ct 9; Carter Jackson/Ct 6; Porter Johnson/Ct 1; Christy Kunes/Ct 4; Craig Kvien /Ct 7; Tyson Lasseter/Ct 1; Mason Layfield/Ct 10; Maitre Patel/Ct 5; Jeff Peters/Ct 9; Ross Peters/Ct 5; Phil Shiflet/Ct 12; Taft Spratt/Ct 8; Mary Stephens/Ct 4; Ava Thompson/Ct 2; Seth Thompson/Ct 7; Kerrigan Turner/Ct 6; Jessie Vance/Ct 3; Gabe Wallace/Ct 10; Dana Wells/Ct 3.

Prize Donors: Professional Plus Realty; Ameris; UGA Tifton Campus; Spearman Agency; ABAC Tennis Team; Synovus; SG Banking; Laura Cutts; Howard Center.

Patrons: Jere Brumby; Heidi Burns; Claire Byrnes; Annie Dimon; Scoot Dimon; Brock Callison; Tom Coogle; Ray Cross; Chris Cutts; Kim Cutchins; Mike Davis; Nicole Fulp; Nathan Gabel; Hamilton Hilsman; Mike Hughes; Christy Kunes; Bill Jackson; Nathan Johnson; Harrison Jones; Ginger McLeod; Bailey Mitchell; Jeff Peters; Wayne Roe; Phil Shiflet; Gary Simmons; Bruce Spratt; Seth Thompson; Bret Wagenhorst; Wesley Walker; Becky Wallace.

Mike Brumby


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