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Tift County School Superintendent Adam Hathaway

I want to start this letter by thanking each and every one of you for your efforts in slowing the spread of COVID-19 as we restarted school over the last four weeks.

Our community as a whole has acted in a responsible manner that has led to a successful opening of schools, but there is still work to be done.

As we leave school today, our students, faculty and staff embark on the Labor Day weekend. This weekend has traditionally been associated with cookouts, gatherings and events. It is meant to be a weekend to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

With that being said, this year is very different from any other year. We are asking you to please remain diligent and heed the precautions that both the Department of Public Health and Gov. Brian Kemp have set forth to slow the spread of this virus.

We are asking Blue Devil Nation and our community as a whole to please do your part in Protecting the T. Protect our ability for students to gather in person and continue learning. Protect our athlete’s seasons. Protect our students’ and alumni’s homecoming. Protect the future of Tift County. Protect the T!

In July, DPH and the governor laid out a plan called “Four Things for Fall” to stop the spread of COVID19. This plan has worked, and since July 26, we have seen drops in both positive cases and hospitalizations. Today, we echo Gov. Kemp’s call to continue to combat the spread of COVID19. The four requests are as follows:

● Wear a mask.

● Practice physical distancing.

● Wash your hands regularly.

● Follow DPH guidance detailed in the governor’s executive orders.

These four things require some sacrifice, but they also protect a lot of what we have done to try to restart a normal school year. They can protect your family, friends, faith family, athletics, academics, and most importantly they can protect you.

Help us continue what we started on Aug. 7 when we opened this school year. Help us protect the T. We appreciate everything the community has done to this date and know that Tift County is beyond capable of rising to this occasion.

Students, we are counting on you. Tift County, our students are counting on you. Let’s work together to continue decreasing cases and hospitalizations in Tift County.

Adam Hathaway is school superintendent of Tift County Schools.

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