Hard to believe, but in a handful of weeks, most South Georgia youngsters will be back in school.

Summer — as a concept of vacations, no school, lazy afternoons, etc. — will soon draw to a close.

Seems like summer break just started, the Fourth of July just passed, but here it is, summer break is more than halfway through.

Yet, isn’t that the way of life.

Time goes quickly.

Many parents will be stunned their young children are already of an age to start school.

Other parents will likely be more stunned as they realize their “babies” are entering the final year of high school.

Where does the time go?

Where does the summer go?

There are a handful of weeks of summer break left.

A handful of weeks to make the most of children’s time out of school.

Granted while children still have a few weeks, most adults will continue working jobs.

But this would be a good time to ask for an early afternoon off, or to take a personal day.

Or stay up a little later and watch a weeknight movie with the kids.

Or make one evening a family game night since there are no school nights for a few more weeks.

Parents should do as much as they can to spend a little time with children during what is left of summer while children have the time.

Because it will happen in the proverbial wink of the eye.

Summer will be gone.

The children will be grown and gone.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

But it is the truth of seasons. It is the truth of generations.

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