There’s the old story about Mr. Rogers talking to a kid about seeing scary things happen on the news.

His advice?

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

That’s good advice for kids, and the logical extension for adults is that in times of trouble, we should be one of the people who are helping.

Buying extra groceries to give to people who may not have the means to buy what they need.

Checking in on families who might need a little extra help feeding or caring for the children.

Checking in on elderly residents who may not be able to get out to buy the things they need.

Thanking people who are still having to work, staffing a drive-through or checking out groceries, for all the extra work they are having to do in these challenging times.

Nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists pulling extra shifts and maybe even putting themselves at risk in order to help keep the rest of us stay healthy.

Volunteers, nonprofits and churches helping feed young people who are out of school and may not otherwise be able to eat a nutritious meal.

Helping friends and neighbors.

Helping total strangers.

These are the things we have seen and heard this past week.

This is our community.

This is what community is all about.

Putting others above self is humanity at its very best.

These are challenging times.

People are understandably fearful.

While social distancing may be separating us physically, a spirit of community is pulling us together in all the ways that matter the most.

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