TIFTON — The results are in for Tift County voters.

The long delayed presidential primary and general primary were both held June 9.

It’s important to note that this election has seen a record number of absentee voters in Tift County, with 1,952 absentee ballots accepted ahead of the election.

Those absentee ballots still need to be counted, and as such, it’s difficult to call a race for anyone at this moment, except for those running unopposed.

Below you’ll find the results so far. When the absentee ballot counts are finished, we will update our website with new information.

County Elections

Republicans Lee Turner and Paul Webb faced off for Tift County Commission District 3.

Webb is in the lead as of Tuesday night, with 464 votes to Turner’s 312.

The seat was opened by Tony McBrayer stepping down to run for the chairman seat.

Incumbent Probate Judge Suzanne Carter Johnson was challenged by Bobby “Keith” Newell. As of Tuesday night, Johnson was ahead with 2,145 votes to Newell’s 1,199.

In the race for Tifton District Attorney, Bryce Johnson was ahead of Kevin Hutto Tuesday night with 2,262 votes, to Hutto’s 993.

On the county level, multiple candidates ran unopposed. They include:

• Clay Pate, Clerk of Superior Court (3,185 votes).

• Gene Scarbrough, Sheriff (3,231 votes).

• Chad Alexander, Tax Commissioner (3,187 votes).

• Joshua Hendrix, Coroner (3,181 votes).

• Bryan Cavenaugh, Chief Magistrate (3,152 votes).

• Melissa Hughes, Tift County Commission District 2 (231 votes).

• Buck Rigdon, Tift County Commission District 5 (511 votes).

• Tony McBrayer, Tift County Commission District 7 (3,180 votes).

• Marilyn Burks, Board of Education District 1 (179 votes).

• John Waddell, Board of Education District 3 (742 votes).

• Jonathan Jones, Board of Education District 7 (2,957 votes).

• Melanie Cross, Superior Court (4,007 votes).

• Carla McMillan, Court of Appeals (3,793 votes).

• David Todd Markle, Court of Appeals (3,752 votes).

• Elizabeth Dallas Gobeil, Court of Appeals (3,757 votes).

• Sara Doyle, Court of Appeals (3,782 votes).

• Christian Croomer, Court of Appeals (3,782 votes).

• Trenton “Trent” Brown III, Court of Appeals (3,812 votes).

State Elections

Incumbent Carden Summers defended his State Senate District 13 seat against fellow Republican Spud Bowen. In Tift, Bowen had the lead Tuesday night with 2,320 votes to Summer’s 1,052.

Ruenett Melton and Mary Egler ran from the Democrat nomination, with Melton leading the Tift count Tuesday night with 599 votes to Egler’s 322 votes.

State House District 155 Representative Clay Pirkle won the Republican nomination unopposed. He’ll face Democrat Letha Jones Kittrell in the November election.

Similarly, State House District 170 Representative Penny Houston won the Republican nomination unopposed. She’ll face Democrat Andre Oliver in the fall.

State House District 172 Representative Sam Watson won the Republican nomination unopposed, with no one running for the Democrat nomination.

Two incumbent members of the Georgia Supreme Court were both ahead of their challengers in Tift County as of Tuesday night.

Incumbent Charlie Bethel was at 2,660 votes, compared to Elizabeth “Beth” Beskin’s 1,267 votes.

Incumbent Sarah Hawkins Warren was at 3,251 votes, compared to Hal Moroz’s 663.

For Public Service Commission District 1, Republican incumbent Jason Shaw and Democrat challenger Robert Bryant both won their respective nominations unopposed in Tift County.

For Public Service Commission District 4, incumbent Lauren Bubba McDonald Jr. won the Republic nomination unopposed.

Democrat challenger Daniel Black was ahead of John Noel for the Dem nomination in Tift County, with 598 votes to Noel’s 240.

National Elections

President Donald Trump earned 3,106 votes in Tift County, as of Tuesday night. He had no opponents for the Republican nomination on the ballot.

Joe Biden earned 88.07 percent of the Tift Democrat vote, with 797 votes. Bernie Sanders earned 6.3 percent of the Democrat votes, with 57 votes.

Senator David Perdue, running unopposed for the Republican nomination, earned 3,159 votes in Tift County, as of Tuesday night.

It was a seven way race for the Democrat nomination to face Perdue in November.

Jon Ossoff had 439 Tift votes as of Tuesday night, with Sarah Riggs Amico’s sitting at second with 146 votes and Maya Dillard Smith at 115 votes.

Incumbent Congressman Austin Scott faced two opponents for the Republican nomination.

In Tift, Scott had 3,092 votes as of Tuesday night, with Vance Dean trailing at 162 votes and Danny Ellyson at 91.

Lindsay Holliday, the only Democrat running for the nomination, had 773 votes in Tift as of Tuesday night.

Correction: The number of absentee votes has been corrected.

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