By Florence Rankin

TIFTON - A local toddler's photo is appearing in stores all over the country as part of a Tommy Hilfiger advertising campaign.

Cam Baker, 3, the son of Robbie and Paige Baker of Tifton, posed for the pictures on the beach at Amelia Island, Fla.

The blonde, dark-eyed boy, wearing red and white shorts and plaid shirt, is holding an antique sailboat in the photo.

"He was really good at the shoot," Mrs. Baker said. "They just let them play, really, on the beach and took pictures. They had four toddlers there and there were about 50 people just standing and watching."

Cam's sister, Rainee, 5, models with an agency in Atlanta and also posed for some Hilfiger photos. Mrs. Baker said Rainee's pictures are being used for marketing but "won't be out everywhere" like Cam's.

"I have some friends who went to Atlanta and said they saw a 10-foot picture of him up on a column in Rich's," she said. "Some other friends of ours said they saw him in Houston at the Galleria. It's everywhere, all over the country."

Cam and Rainee auditioned for the Hilfiger staff last summer in Atlanta. "They just went in and basically looked at him, took pictures and took them back to New York with them," Mrs. Baker said. "Then they called us back and said they wanted them to model."

The Bakers have signed a one-year contract but don't know if the kids will be called for other shoots.

Asked if she wants to be a model when she grows up, Rainee said an emphatic "yes." Cam is not as outgoing as his sister but nodded his head when asked if he likes to have his picture taken.

Cam is in pre-school at First United Methodist, and Rainee is a kindergartner at Tiftarea Academy.

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