TIFTON -- The Tift County Board of Commissioners held a special called meeting Thursday to discuss zoning.

During the regular part of the meeting, the board unanimously approved the final plat for the Waterford Subdivision section two. The vote approved six plots to the subdivision on Woodclose Circle East. The vote was made following a recommendation of approval by the Greater Tift County Planning and Zoning Commission and the county staff.

"I understand this is going to be a very nice subdivision," said Commissioner Charlotte Bedell.

During the discussion for the issue, there was some confusion over the wording of the minutes of the planning and zoning board's Wednesday meeting.

The confusion was over the statements in the minutes about the board's vote on the Waterford plat.

"Motion was made by Dr. (Jeff) Gibbs and seconded by Ms. (Dwana) Coleman to recommend the approval of the final plat for Waterford Subdivision, Section Two as presented," stated the minutes. "Motion for approval carried with Mr. (Ricky) Justice, Ms. (Donna) Miller, Ms. (Jo) Hunt, and Mr. (Stacy) Selph and the Chairman (Rex Wilson) not voting, as is the custom."

Some of the commissioners were unsure of how the vote was carried since it seemed that five of the board members did not vote. Others wondered why Coleman and Gibbs did not vote.

However, County Manager Bill Park and others pointed out that the problem was really with the wording of the statement. All the board members, except the chairman, voted on the issue and unanimously approved it. Gibbs and Coleman were assumed to have voted for the measure since they motioned for it. As for the others, "Motion for approval carried with Justice, Miller, Hunt and Selph voting and the chairman not voting, as is custom" may have been a better wording.

Planning and Zoning Administrator Jon Mendenhall, who was present at the meeting, verified that all the board members except the chairman voted on the measure.

The commissioners agreed that the minutes should be re-written before they were signed.

Thirteen lots of the Waterford Subdivision were previously approved at the commission's October regular session meeting.

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