Put up with this

"All of you residents complaining about the power plants wanting to locate in Tift County, you need to live out close to the dump. We've had to put with all of your strong garbage for all these years, and we didn't really want the dump out here either, but we've got it. I think the power plants would be a credit to what we have to put up with in the roads and on the sides of the roads in this area."

Give them time

"To those who are impatient with President Bush for not taking quick military action, I suggest they take a lesson from the terrorists' plan book. These terrorists took months, maybe even years, to plan, train and finally execute their mission. They were very successful. Let's give our leaders and our military all the time they need so they may be successful in their mission."

No hot air

"I'm calling about the guy that keeps saying that Bush is blowing a lot of hot air. If he thinks Bush isn't doing anything, I guess he thinks his buddy Al Gore would be. Why doesn't he just move in with Al Gore and Bill Clinton?"

Get behind Bush

"This is in response to two Rants in Thursday's paper. No. 1. Bush is doing a pretty good job. I didn't see you running for president, so don't criticize. He is our president. We need to get behind him. All you want is retribution, which is exactly what the terrorists wanted. Will the blood of some foreigners appease you? No. 2. The same goes to the old hand at war. I appreciate your past service, but you are thinking in a state that is too bloodthirsty for this nation."

All should speak

"About those power plants. This is a serious concern for every citizen in South Georgia. We all breathe the same air and depend on drinking water out of the same acquifer. Every person in South Georgia has the right to speak out against them."

Let's all unite

"To the person who felt that anyone other than someone living in Tift County to right to speak for or against Duke Power and whether we should have our power plant, denying those rights to anyone outside of Tift County is like saying our lives doesn't affect their lives. And if that's true, then what happened in New York and Washington, D.C., this last week technically shouldn't have affected anyone else, but it's not true. We're all one country, we're all one community, we're all one environment. So let's unite and find the right answers and not destroy ourselves."

Evidence is in

"This is for 'Wait for the evidence.' If you want, you can get on the Internet and search Duke Power and Kinder-Morgan power companies, and you'll see where the EPA is fining millions, I mean millions of dollars, for violating the clean air regulations and contaminating water. The evidence is in."

Wrong county

"Again, this is for 'Mind your own' that was in Saturday's paper. The lady was from Baker County, not Mitchell County."

Mandatory residence

"Tift County Zoning Board should have some policies in place. They should state that an individual must live in Tift County for at least 10 years in order for them to serve on the zoning board. We need to take a close look at our zoning members. We have one member who has lived in Tift County for less than three years. Why is this person allowed to sit on our board and make decisions for our county?"

Fighting mad

"To the person who was at the meeting at City Hall Thursday night, if you had been attending CAPP meetings you would know the truth from documented sources. If one of these power companies were trying to put one of these plants next to your house, you would have been rude too and probably fighting mad."

Where is Reese wrong?

"Before we ship Charlie Reese out, about his article Sept. 19, let's be sure his article is wrong. What part of it is wrong, and where do you get his information that is wrong?"

Wonderful service

"I wish to commend the doctors for the prostrate screening exam today in Tifton. That was a very good thing they're doing and people really need to take advantage of this. They do it once a year, in September, free of charge, and th

ey're to be commended for their time and effort doing these exams. They probably do save a lot of lives."

Brand new blinkers

"If you should buy a used car here in South Georgia that's been used by the rednecks, you don't have to worry about if the turn signals work or not, because they don't know how to use them. They're as good as new."

We were together

"I just heard a governor of a state say that the people have come together closer than they've ever done before in American history. That's because he don't remember 1941, 1942. I do. I was a soldier back then. And we have never been closer than we were during World War II. I'll assure you, we Americans were together in the 40s."

Slow it down

"After watching Sunday's NASCAR race on TV from Dover, Del., I have come to the conclusion that the bump and run that Ricky Rudd did on Kevin Harvick at Richmond was just baby stuff compared to what went down between him and Rusty Wallace in the garage area. They should be kicked off the circuit. Their unsportsmanlike conduct and their foul mouths and the way they drive is going to wind up getting somebody killed."

Educate the public

"I was just wondering why that we don't educate the public on how to take care of terrorists on the planes and everywhere else. You know, there's something that everybody can do, even older people, and if we're going to die anyway, you know, we might as well help out."

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