Fault with Democrats

"The redistricting issue proves one thing. The Democrats want to keep a stranglehold on state politics with their immoral views. In the long run, the people of the state of Georgia will suffer because of it. Election time is not too far off, and I will be voting to put them out."

Tough to travel

"I would like to rant about this liquor law in Tift County. I work in Berrien County and I go in late at night, so all these people who drink have to go to Berrien County and they get drunk there and then they are going back home and every night I go to work I am scared I will meet one on the road trying to get back home. Put the liquor close to home and they will stay off the roads more and won't have to travel so far to get it and then go back home."

Do the right thing

"This is a rant to the parents and family members of the boys who stole my son's silver Mongoose bike about two weeks ago. How can you allow them to keep a bike that you know you didn't pay for? That is what is what is wrong with a lot of kids today, sorry parenting. No wonder so many young adults are going to jail. They have no one trying to teach them right from wrong. They stole a bike out of a yard in the middle of the day and you better think long and hard what the next crime will be. Do the right thing and make them return the bike and be punished for this crime so later on they won't be in prison."

Don't need Duke

"Let's hope the same people who called their commissioners against liquor by the drink will call them again against Duke Energy's proposed power plant to be located at Whiddon Mill and Hutchinson Road. I moved to Tifton from out-of-state. We had the same thing happen in our town. When Duke's plant moved in, the property value of homes near and around the plant hit rock bottom. Why? Because no one wants to live near one. Homeowners on Davis, Rainwater, Carpenter Road, Tift West, Zion Hope and Pebble Hill and Pebble Brook need to contact their commissioners and show up for any zoning meeting concerning this plant. After Duke moves in, it is too late and it won't be long before your neighborhood turns into an undesirable one. Don't let your commissioners sell you out."

Goes around

"I noticed in the paper this morning where Austin Scott is crying again. Now he knows how we feel when he betrayed Tifton and voted to change the state flag. What goes around comes around."

Still in the county

"County administrator Johnson says the city doesn't pay anything for the operation of the jail so the county voted to increase how much they charge the city for prisoners arrested in the city. Well the city is the people who pay city taxes and also pay the same county taxes as those who live in the county. City folks do pay for the operation of the jail with their county tax dollars just like county folks do. The criminal who is arrested in the city is standing in the county when he is arrested. The county just doesn't have to pay a deputy to do the arresting. A city police officer does it. Why should city folks have to pay more for city taxes for the criminal arrested in the city in the county jail when their county taxes already pay for the jail?"

Just don't do it

"How many of the people who are voting against liquor would still go out of town to buy it and just don't want anybody to know that they are drinking it also? Maybe they are just afraid that if it is here they are going to drink it because they can't take the temptation. I think they should just go ahead and put it in and accept the revenues from it and go on about their business. Those who don't want to drink it, just leave it alone. It's there for the ones who do and there to leave if you don't want to."

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