Equal justice

"I don't think the Supreme Court should have done away with the electric chair until at least all of the lawyers, which include the judges, and the liberal reporters got a chance to try it out."

Rednecks all right

"This is in response to comparing Tifton to Dublin and the Redneck Games and all that mess. Well, I've lived in a lot of small towns, many small towns, and Dublin is a very nice town, very clean town, and it's really grown over the years and brought in a lot of things. I like Tifton, and I like Dublin. There's nothing wrong with being a redneck. Ask Alan Jackson."

Keep it down

"To all members of the North College and North Ridge Kennel Club: Please answer one question for the rest of us. Are you all deaf or do you just not care about your neighbors? Perhaps you feel secure with the ownership of dogs, but please know that the constant barking and the dogs running at large is getting old. This is a nice time of year and people want to be out and enjoy their yard, and they must endure such a constant, inconsiderate nuisance. Please be aware that there is a noise ordinance as well as a leash law within the city limits."

Doesn't matter

"Why is everyone so upset that if Duke is coming here, they'll sell their power to Florida? How much stuff do we buy from Tifton Aluminum? Or Target? It doesn't matter where the product is sold. That's just not a good point to argue."

Try it out

"This is in response to the person who complained about high rent charged for apartments. Apparently, you are not a landlord, or you would be singing a different tune. By the time the interest on the apartment loan is paid, plus property taxes, plus insurance on the building, along with liability, the landlord is usually in the hole. Then comes the repairs and cleanup expenses. Try it for a while and let us know how you like it. Get ready, your best-laid plans just may be interrupted by a call about the plumbing, the roof, loud neighbors, plus a million other complaints. It's a buyer's market. Go for it."

Enjoy the recipes

"I have a Rave for the Tifton Gazette. I particularly enjoyed Friday's paper, with the fall recipes and I would like to see it continued more often. I also wondered why the Gazette didn't put out a cookbook for holidays. I think they used to, and I've always saved that section of the paper."

Wonderful letter

"The Falotico girl that was 15 expressed what we've all been trying to say, but she could put it into more words than we could. She did a good job, and it's obvious that she loves her country."

Doing his job

"This is for the people that called in on Thursday and complained about the deputy that was really nasty to them when they were broken down on the side of the road. In your own words, he asked you 'Would you like for him to call you a wrecker' and that was all he said. And then you complained about his attitude being nasty and you were already broken down. What did you want him to do, repair the car and not charge anything for it, or maybe tow you on into town and pay for your motel room? We can only do so much on the side of the road as it is. Calling a wrecker would have been the best thing for you. I don't think he was nasty at all."

Stuck in the middle

"The question of the day, does Tiftarea face any realistic threats, yes, we do. We're sitting right in the middle in between St. Marys, Ga., Moody Air Force Base and the Marine Base. Don't you think we're facing a trying time?"

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