Great cleanup

"I would like to let the new owner of Skeeter's Mobile Home Park, the old Lowell's Mobile Home Park on Ferry Lake Road, know that he is doing a great job at cleaning the place up and he deserves a pat on the back."

Good works

"I want to Rave on the Tift County area and Omega area. As I was reading the Wednesday's paper, I was flipping through and saw the girls holding the tabs for Tanner. I just want to Rave on Tift County. They have been so good. Sylvester and Omega and the surrounding counties have just been so great, and I just want to Rave on our community for doing so much for Tanner Connell's relief fund. And I just want to say thanks, Tifton, Omega, Sylvester and surrounding counties."

Lots of jackasses

"I wanted to comment on the person who called in about the more important work, where they wanted them to think about having the jackass as the state animal. I think that's right on track. If there's one thing Georgia has, it's a lot of jackasses."

Put them to sleep

"I have a Rant against our government. I noticed on the news where this fellow Walker that was in the Taliban, joining forces with them against the United States, I see where they're going to give him a lesser sentence now. They ought to do him and Reid that was on the airplane trying to blow that thing up, they ought to line them up against the wall and shoot them or put them to sleep like they did Timothy McVeigh."

Go grits go

"The people in Afghanistan fighting the war wouldn't like it too much about us fighting about grits and so forth, I agree. They should come home, because most of those Southern boys and Yankees too would like to have some grits. So let's just keep on talking about them good old grits and make it a state meal or something. They're great. You don't believe it, try it."

Gone downhill

"To the people that doubt about Atlanta being a third-world city, I invite you to go to Atlanta. Take a taxi ride. Hang out around downtown for a while. Maybe the Five Points MARTA station would be a good place to hang out. And then be sure to go to the West End around Abernathy Avenue and travel that for a little while. And then tell me it's not a third-world country. I owned property there and believed Atlanta to be the garden spot of the world, and I've traveled in many big cities. But in about 1980, it got so bad I practically gave my property away so I could get back down South, and I discovered the gnats down here ain't so bad after all."

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