Get facts straight

"This is for the person talking about the police department making another $50 on the person riding through the mall. The police department doesn't charge anybody for riding through until they are warned at least once. Instead of putting the focus on blaming the police for what your kid did, maybe they would be a little better off if you tell them they did something wrong."

Not fast enough

"I have a Rave concerning the person that said the people don't blame the police because they are doing their job arresting dope dealers. Sure they are, but they aren't arresting them fast enough. I do say one thing, the ones they arrest, our judge is so tender-hearted they don't know know how to sentence anybody for dealing drugs no more. They will fine them $300 or $400, pat them on the back, put them back on the street and tell them to do it again fellow we need the money. No, if the judges would put them away as fast as our police department and sheriff's department arrests them, we would soon get rid of them."

Mall area is bad

"Where is the worst traffic in Tift County? It is around the mall on weekends when they're out there keeping the working people from going to the mall and burning the gasoline that keeps money in the Arabs' pocket in the Middle East and runs up our deficit."

No reason

"To Coach Blackshear, you wonder why we don't come to the basketball games, it is not because of you. It never will be because you are the best coach in the whole world. The way you teach the boys how to play and the way they performed nine years straight in the state, that should prove it alone. It is just that they don't have any school pride. They are fickle down here. The prices may be a little bit high to get in the ball game. The food may be a little bit high. But that is still no reason for them not to come."

Not buying it

"Enough of the fox policing the hen house, we need a special prosecutor to coordinate the investigation of Enron/Anderson and their servants in government. No one is buying the White House's line, 'Nothing to see here. Move along. Nothing to see here.' Yeah, right."

Clean it up

"It would certainly be nice if some people living in Tift County would take pride in their yards and clean them up. Your neighbors are tired of looking at junk, semi-tractor trailer, Christmas lights, old tires, etc. We work hard to keep our yards neat and clean, only to have your 'trashy mode of living' bring down the value of our homes."

Revisionist history

"Confederate apologists are fond of using terms such as 'servitude' in place of 'slavery,' of trying to de-emphasize the importance of slavery as an issue over which the Civil war was fought, and of over-emphasizing other issues such as 'states rights.' Of course slavery was not the only issue -- but space here is limited. What Lee and Sherman said about their reasons for fighting the war is certainly interesting but is less important than the fact that Lee's actions, if he had succeeded, would have continued the institution of slavery for others while winning an empty freedom for himself."

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