Keep them flying

"I don't understand why anybody would complain about people flying the flags, because that's just showing support for our government and for the president and what he's doing, in my opinion. I like to see those flags. I followed that flag in Europe, Asia and during three wars. I love that flag and I've got it flying in my yard on a pole and also one on my car. And there's nothing wrong with people flying the flag, whether it's at a mobile home park or wherever. I'm just thankful that we have people that are patriotic enough to do it. Of course, some people complain about the Christian people celebrating God. So some people just have to complain. But thank you, people that are flying those flags out there."

Great work

"I'd like to Rave about the two men at the Par Three driving range, Chris Means and Jason Lane. One for working all day on Thanksgiving, keeping the course open for families to come out and enjoy. Also for for helping me and my kids change a flat tire on our van right before our Thanksgiving dinner was being served. If it wasn't for them, my wife and mother probably would have had our heads. It's good to know people out there still care, for which I'm very thankful. Thanks, guys. Keep up the good work."

Saxby's a good man

"I have read with interest 'Your Opinion' and I have mine on what we hope Chambliss learned. Well, I've learned that you have probably garnered a great deal of votes for him, because most of the people really, and I'm serious, think like he does. Now, I'm sure that this is quite a strong statement, but people are mad and my suggestion would be to lay off. He is an outstanding congressman and I think you got him votes. Congratulations. You've done a great job, and I hope he is our next senator."

Thanks for speaking

"What a trooper. Thanks, Lt. Steven Hyman, for taking time out of your busy schedule for visiting our pre-k class to teach us about safety."

Don't complain

"To the person that complains about the weather: If that's all they have to complain about, they must have a pretty good life."

Wonderful sight

"In response to the question of the day in Friday's paper, I'd like to say Horace McGee does a fine job. It's on Brookfield-Lenox Road, and you can really see it."

Lay off Bush

"One of the things that disturbs me is some of the people that's reporting the news, media in the big news staffs, are using the rights that we have here in America to try to destroy them. When they come on and say the things they are saying about Bush and the attorney general, and about how we are mistreating the people that's in here now that's non-American and so forth, and ranting and raving, you know, they're not even good news media people, much less somebody that knows what's going on in the world. We should educate them people by taking them out somewhere and lining them up against the wall. But it disturbs me to see people putting Bush and Ashcroft down just because they're doing a good job."

Too many cars

"There is going to be an accident. Somebody's child is going to get hurt behind Wilson School, because there is no patrol slowing traffic. Cars speed through here. The law is being broken at least 50 times a day by various cars speeding behind Matt Wilson School. They have no regard for the kids walking to school and some people with their big SUVs and Mercedes just fly through and act like it's the kids' fault for having to walk in the street. Yet, other schools have patrols or speeding devices and other officers patrolling, but nothing is provided for the kids in South Tifton to walk to school and back. And they built sidewalks around everywhere else except where the kids need them."

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