Good ole boys

"Concerning the person who suggested that the only people who should have an opinion on the zoning issue are those who have lived in the area for at least 10 years, is this the good ole boy system that is so prevalent in small towns? You know, the one that says you have to be born and raised here to have an opinion or valid concerns about the community. Well, I was raised not far from here and lived near the hospital in Tifton for six years. I just built a brand new home appraised at over $170,000 that will be directly affected if that power plant is allowed to be built. I am very concerned about the value of my property, not to mention the health of my family. How dare you suggest that you must live in an area for at least 10 years in order to voice an opinion? Is your property and are your family members more important than mine? I think not. The good ole boy system may work to your advantage in this small town, but it is going to take a little bit than your being kin to a few county commissioners to push this power plant into my front yard."

What about Gary?

"Did we all forget about Gary Condit?"

Shouldn't have done it

"I belive they made a big mistake bailing out the airline industry with taxpayers' money. The CEOs of the different airline carriers should take a drastic cut in pay. They are paying them, according to which airline they are working for, last year shows $1-12 million a year. One of them even has a $40 million severance package when he retires. They could use a lot of that money right there to make up for the lost revenue instead of putting the burden on the American taxpayer to bail them out of the hole they put themselves into."

Great neighbors

"This is a Rave for Duke Energy. I grew up around three Duke Power generating plants. One was hydroelectric, one was nuclear and one was coal-steam generator, and they were excellent neighbors. Because of them, the teachers in my district were the highest-paid teachers in South Carolina. They were an excellent company to work and they provided many of our fathers a very good wage and great benefits. I think the people in this county should think twice before they eliminate them, because if the economy stays the way it is, they're going to be begging for those jobs."

Terrible job

"I'm not only very, very upset with what's happened to our country through the terrorist attacks, but also because the president for eight years occupied the time that was needed to look after this country as it should have been and that we spent eight years trying to defend or get around a man that cared nothing for anyone but himself and his popularity. He was so immoral, he didn't know what good morals were. And he allowed us to have a country that has suffered something terribly. And just to see him in the public eye today just upsets me so, because I know that he has been a part of the destruction and the deterioration of our country, this wonderful country. We are so grateful for President Bush and his Christian attitude, not only Christian, but Jewish and Moslem or whatever attitude. He cares about us, he cares about our country. And I do hope the people of this country will stand up for this man and look back and see what damage has been done from this popular...I don't know, words for him, I can't even get it into words because I'm so disturbed about his presidency. Not only himself, but his wife. They're both so destructive. And it's unfortunate that we've had to deal with them for eight years."

That's our job

"Regarding buying American-made products, for years we have refused to buy tools made in China because they don't last. Now we see where a factory in China is working around the clock making American flags. There's something wrong with that. Americans should be making American flags."

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