Way to go guys

"This is a Rave for all the seventh grade boys who made the Tift County Blue Devils' baseball team and us as parents who drove those boys to all the rec games and all star games. You earned your place on the team. You go boys."

A lot alike

"Why do the terrorists not like us? Is it because we have so much more freedom than them and they are jealous of it? Or, is it that we go to their home countries and enforce our way of life on them just so we can make a few dollars off of them? Hmm. No, I think they are just jealous of our freedom. Did you know that the seven countries in the world that legally allow the execution of people under the age of 18 are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria, Bangladesh and the United States? Did you know that the United States and Iraq are the only two countries opposed to the U.N.'s International Criminal Court because we are both in violation of over half their rules?"

Enough complaining

"This is a rant for Mr. Tom Mark. I think the teachers are the only ones that are making any noise concerning raises in the State of Georgia. There happens to be several other groups of employees who are employed by the state that aren't going to get a raise this year that haven't been complaining at all. I think the noise has already been made."

A nice setup

"I have attended SELF-sponsored dancea since their inception and I have never been aware of any problem that exists from mixing single women and couples. If there is such a problem, wouldn't it also affect those of us who are single but attend the dances as couples? Should we also be barred from attending the dances because we are in committed relationships? Let's face the financial facts; the dances are expensive to hold and by attending these dances, our married friends are helping SELF defray the cost of providing singles in the Tifton area with a fun way of making friends, mixing and mingling."

Into a mess

"In response to 'Thanks Bill,' talking about the problems Bush was handed from Clinton, let's look at what Bush inherited from Clinton. Number one, a surplus of over $1 trillion. Number two, a record high employment rate. Number three, a very strong economy, which he didn't pick in 2001. Number four, we had the respect of all the world and the world leaders. Thank you a lot W. for squandering it all."

Memories of heroes

"Yes, this is a Rant. I am a long-time wrestling fan. I was upset to hear about the recent death of Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig who joined the 50 and under club of British Bulldog, Ravishing Rick Rude, Terry Gordy, Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, Eddie Gilbert, Kerry Von Erich and Andre the Giant but I will still always have their memories."

Stick with the president

"People that really don't care if they have a womanizing liar as a president, they really hate a good Christian man like Bush to be president. He is trying his best to make this country stay safe and bring some type of morals to the country. It is okay to be a Democrat, but you don't have to stick with sorry people and fight for the one that we have got. We should support him."

Taking roll

"I heard on the radio a couple of days ago about the blizzard of 2003 up in Washington. They announced that all the non-essential employees for the state government didn't have to come to work. I wonder who didn't show up?"

Great help

"I just want to let someone know that an employee at Stone's Hardware is just amazing. I'm not sure of her name and I am sure she doesn't know mine, but she helped a stranger when they needed help and I just wanted to say that she inspired me to be more kind to people that I don't know."

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