Thanks for your help

"We the people of Tifton appreciate you, Frank Sayles, for being chairman of United Way of South Central Georgia. We hope you'll get very strong support from our community. You're doing an excellent job with the newspaper as well. We thank you."

Great runners

"I would just like to congratulate the girls cross-country team at Tiftarea Academy, Rue Chitwood, Jenna Smith, Liz Ann Parrish, Macie Hood and Ashley Eason, for winning state at the AA cross-country meet this Saturday in Macon. I'd just like to congratulate them."

You go girls

"I'd like to say a big congratulations to the Tift County High School varsity cheerleaders. They did a tremendous job with the little girl clinic. Keep it up, girls. You did great. You looked great out there on the field."

Great concert

"I would like to say congratulations to the YMCA with their benefit concert. It was great. The night was beautiful, the music was great. Those people sounded absolutely fantastic. That band needs to keep it up. They did a great job. Thank you again, YMCA."

Good neighbors

"I would like to commend the person who submitted the Rant on Sunday on renting or buying. I would be grateful to have you as my neighbor. My neighbors have only mowed their grass two times this year. I work full-time and am a single parent and still manage to get my lawn mowed. I just have one question. I saw a sign the other day about Tifton being a clean city. Did you keep the judges out of the south side of town to win that award? Also, Tifton has all these signs advertising accomplishments and awards but doesn't really live up to them."

Try it yourself

"This is a Rant for 'More inspiration.' Do I detect a little atheism, because a Christian would love to see God's word spread around for all to see. Surely His word is the only one that will endure forever. Try picking up the Holy Bible and reading for yourself. You just might have a change of heart."

Bad recommendations

"Well, the National Rifle Association has been given some bad advice about who they recommend be elected. I mean, they can't tell me. I'm a life member of the National Rifle Association and think it's a great organization and has done a lot of good for us gunowners. But they recommended people to be elected that I wouldn't vote for for dogcatcher. If they think they're going to write me a letter and get me to vote for them, they're bad wrong. And they should find somebody down in South Georgia, especially, that could tell them about the candidates that they have. In my opinion, they have some real dogs recommended this time."

Keep printing it

"I would like for the Tifton Gazette to keep printing their inspirational quotes from the Bible. The Bible is only the truth on the earth, and if you're a Christian you should call in and support this also."

Applauding Carter

"I would like to respond to the person writing the rant that appeared on October 22 who was so upset about all of the money that is spent on protecting Jimmy Carter when he takes trips or drives nails. This person sounds like a disgruntled Republican that wants to lash out at any Democrat for any reason. No, I am not a Democrat myself but a very conservative Republican and proud of it. I think Jimmy Carter's presidency was a complete failure and should embarass the people of Georgia. Does the writer know that all the money being spent on protecting all of our former presidents would be spent whether they are building homes, traveling the world or sitting at home watching television? I applaud the work that Jimmy Carter has done since his presidency and think the Nobel Peace Prize should have been awarded to him sooner."

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