Fair is fair

"In response to the Berrien County School System, do you believe we should fire good teachers to replace them with blacks that do not have the right teaching credentials? Our school system is one of the best. The NAACP should stay out of it. There should be equal rights for whites as well as blacks, because now white people are passed up for jobs because they're not part of the minority when they are more qualified for the job. Fair is fair."

Shut it down

"As a taxpayer in Tift County, I say we need to shut down this Mott Gym on the south side of town. It's been vandalized, just like the one in East Albany that's been vandalized four or five times and destroyed each time. It's going to happen here too. It's just going to wind up being a money pit. But to the commissioners in Tift County, shut it down. It's just going to be a burden on the taxpayers."

The 'real' real world

"This is in response to the person who wants the agricultural occupation to get a taste of the real world. I don't know what their occupation is, but they need to start growing their own commodities. Buy some of this high-priced, out-of-reason equipment, tractors, combines, trailers, trucks, so forth. Make your own clothes from cotton you grow. You need to check up on some of the agricultural prices. Corn is selling cheaper today than it did in 1958. Does the government tell you what you can and cannot do or plant on your own land? Get with it. This is the real world."

A good idea

"The mother of Kristopher Eggle, the U.S. park ranger murdered by an illegal Mexican at the U.S. border, has called for placing U.S. military troops on the border with Mexico. My family (which includes numerous military veterans) support her, and this idea, fully, and would like to see our Congress implement it as soon as possible."

A health thing

"To Tom Mark, I work eight hours a day and pay the bills at my house. My husband is going to school and only works part-time so he cleans the house and he is very much of a man. I hate to clean and so does my mom. It is not a gender thing. It is a health thing."

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