Don't discriminate

"I work just like everyone else. I try to be a great person, until I meet someone who doesn't want to 'rent' to me, because I'm a college student. I just want to tell all owners to please realize you were my age too, struggling and working hard to be something/someone. So what about me?"

Unfair dress code

"I'm ranting on the dress code at Northeast Campus. I'm sick and tired of buying my kids clothes that they may not wear to school. The school system needs to end the 'tuck in shirt' part of the dress code. So many students have been getting in trouble by teachers over somthing so unimportant. Education should come first. I've seen the rules and I strongly disagree with the Northeast dress code. Boys are made to tuck in shirts, but they do nothing to girls. The dress code is only enforced on boys, which is not fair. Our country is based on fairness and equality. They should both be forced to abide by the rules if the other has to. It would be much easir to just do away with the whole dress code. Its been blown out of proportion."

Great performance

"This is a rave for The Gizmo Guys who performed Friday night in Tift Theater during the Love Affair. I hope some group will invite them back soon for another performance. They put on an excellent show."

Turn down the base

"The noise ordinance law should be enforced to the fullest against the person or persons playing this so-called bass music. Some nights I can't even sleep for the music vibrating my house. Thanks Tift County Sheriffs Dept. for responding when called. At least you can get some peace then."

Don't bash them

"Folks, studies have shown how much of our economy is based on agriculture. We need to support farmers and not keep bashing them. Their job is different from other jobs because if they're forced out, it hits all of us. We all have to eat and prices would go through the roof."

Don't cut them

"How come some sports cut people from the team and others don't? I don't think the football team cuts anyone. If you try out, you get to go to practice and be a team member. I'm against any high school team cutting kids who want to be a part of the team. If it's a monetary issue, I'm sure fund-raisers could be held for extra uniforms or whatever. Do kids get cut from the band or debate or from clubs? Let's include everyone that we can. That seems to be the fairest solution?"

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