Work of God

"To the comment that was made in Tuesday's newspaper about going out the door and smelling the smoke from the Okefenokee Swamp, well, I think there's a difference. That's a work of God, whenever the lightning struck and caught fire. But when you open the door and you smell cigarette smoke, that's something else, because you can put the cigarette smoke out. But it takes a little bit longer to put out a forest fire."

Code for teachers

"If it's the parents' problem what the kids are wearing to school, then it should be the county board of education's problem what teachers and the staff are wearing. Some of the teachers that come to school, the way they're dressed, they look like little small miniature thugs. And therefore, I don't see why the parents can't let children be children when we have teachers on the facilities that are being children also. So if they're going to ask the parents to dress their children properly, then our educators need to be dressed properly also."

Clam up Tyrone

"I see where state Sen. Tyrone Brooks is now speaking out for the Nuwabians, the clan...they're not really a religious organization, they want to be a little nation unto themselves, and he's up there hoorahing for them. He's the same guy that talked our brilliant governor into changing our flag to one of the ugliest pieces of junk I've ever seen. And now he's out there hollering for those people."

Give Carter his due

"How some people are against Jimmy Carter is beyond me. He is widely regarded as not only the greatest living ex-president but probably the man who has accomplished more after serving in office than any president ever. He began a charity that has worked wonders across the Southeast, he has helped broker peace in the Middle East and is trying to get Cuba to shake off its Communist heritage and become a solvent nation. Even if you're a Republican, I don't think you can argue the guy has been true to his country. There are a lot of politicians and ex-politicians who have brought disgrace to their office. Jimmy Carter only brought grace. His life is dedicated to making his country better and it seems yours is dedicated to complaining about it."

A great officer

"Officer Eric Windmoller is a great guy. We should have more officers like him."

Remember the truckers

"In reference to 'Support Farmers', I do agree but do people realize everything produced in our country, imported in or exported out is shipped on a truck before reaching its final destination. Farming may be the backbone of our country but if you had to go to the field to get it in your personal vehicle our backbone would be broke. People crowd trucks, try to beat them out of an intersection. You have no idea what is involved in a truck driver's daily routine. Yes, there are some bad ones. The schools turn new drivers out on our highways that are not properly trained, and that should be changed. People look at truckdrivers as if they were beneath them. Stop and think about that as you sit on the chair beneath you or as you put your clothes on. Next time you pass a big truck, be nice. It may be hauling your baby's formula or Grandma's hospital bed."

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