Thanks for paving

"Thank you to whoever is responsible for having those sections of Tift Avenue and 8th St. paved."

Have to be tough

"I see where some thug lovers and weak-kneed politicians and judges and lawyers thinks that the electric chair is cruel punishment for thugs that kill people and maim them and everything. I don't understand how they can feel that way when someone will go in and stab you and kill you and murder people. They deserve what they get. I am for doing away with the electric chair and giving them the same type of death as they gave to the person they killed. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. It is the only way to go and the only way we will ever stop crime in this country."

Sad situation

"An old saying I have heard for years is 'don't kill the messenger just because you don't like the message.' Buddy Bryan, we may not like the message. I am not out for vindication on your part. I am just truly sad that commissioners who have been on the board for years have allowed this problem to build and not prevent it. You are one brave messenger. Keep up the good work."

Turn it over

"Tiftarea Humane Society, you say you want to be part of the community and do good work. Great. We want you. But not in the position you currently have. Turn over the leadership roles. Turn over the board positions. Turn over any records you have. Turn over the money people donated specifically for the shelter, the thousands and thousands of dollars that they are still waiting for. And then take up the ranks of just the laborers and perhaps the community will learn to trust you again and know that your word is good."

Eye for an eye

"You know, I have been reading in the paper where the Georgia Supreme Court is looking at the electric chair, seeing what it does to the people they elect. They don't do enough of it I've got to say. How it sort of makes them torture them a little bit before they die. I turn the front page over to the second page and right here this is what I am trying to get at, this man burnt his 2-year old daughter to death. Now what kind of punishment did this 2-year old girl have? He burnt her to death. He is sentenced to die. So what do you want to do to him, strap him on a table and give him some sleeping pills and let him go to sleep and suffer none?"

Had to be fixed

"You know there was lots of concern about this race Saturday. Was it fixed for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to win this race? Just in February was number 1 and number 2 that were reversed situations this past Saturday night at the Pepsi 400. You know they black-flagged Tony Stewart because he fell down below that yellow line at the bottom of the track and it caused him to lose a lot of points. But if you will look at this race, if you have a copy of it, or get NBC to show it again, the last 12 laps of this race, right after Tony got black flagged, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., went below the yellow line. I was sitting right there and watching it. Nothing was said whatsoever. It was fixed. They wanted him to win. So they would think his daddy was sitting in the car with him or something. It was rigged."

You will pay

"To the thieves who broke into the cars Monday night, what you did won't seem like such fun when you get caught and you definitely will as you sit in jail doing time for your crimes."

No slander

"In reference to the editorial on July 10, this paper would have done well to follow its advice with the slander that they put on President Clinton and President-elect Gore during the past election."

You'll get yours

"I would like to say that the low-life scumbags that keep coming by our house in West Berrien and bashing mine and my neighbors mailboxes with a ball bat and spray painting KKK all over them, you better hope and pray that the police gets you before we do for doing this."

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