Great job team

"I would like to Rave about the Tift County All-Star 10 and under softball team. They were outstanding, and I would like to also commend the coaches. Duck and Debra and Mike and Kitty, they were outstanding with these kids and I think they are to be congratulated. These 10-year-olds have done a wonderful job for Tift County."

Keep them at home

"This is in reference to the Corey Ward shooting in Atlanta. You know, he's talking about these people, their parents and all this kind of stuff, I want to tell you something. Eighteen years old, the kid shouldn't have been in a bar and strip clubs anyway. If the parents were that concerned, why wasn't he home with mama and daddy? As far as the protest is concerned, if they were that concerned to be protesting, they should be protesting against a family that don't care about their kids, where they are or what they're doing. Leave the police officer alone. Let him do his job. Keep your kids at home. They ain't got no business at bars and strip clubs anyway."

Choose your side

"Who is the terrorist, the man who blows himself to bits for the sake of his beliefs or the president who uses scare tactics to force smaller countries than his own into submission for the sake of his economy and the corporations that depend on it? Open your eyes, people. It's a bigger picture to see than what MSNBC shows you. It's not about 9/11 or Osama. It's about American corporations globalizing. It's about the lives of trillions of human beings being controlled by the CEO of one company. America is headed in one of two directions: collapse or revolution. Better choose your side today."

Stay out of it

"President Bush sent Dick Cheney to Macon to make a political speech for Saxby Chambliss. They want to be rid of Sen. Max Cleland. Do Georgians need Washington to tell us how to vote? I think not."

Observe the signs

"This is a Rave for the state patrol. I just returned from Florida, and the state patrol was out in force in Florida and Georgia. But they can't stop all the reckless driving. People need to observe the speed limits and the construction signs."

Not getting it done

"Is it just me or does Bush look like Kevin Bacon at the end of 'Animal House' telling an out of control stampeding crowd to remain calm? A man who a lost popular election to the most boring Democrat alive and nearly died with a pretzel lodged in his throat is going to lead us out of this economic mess? Didn't a majority of Americans once think he was a rich-boy buffoon? Please bring on the next Republican candidate."

Good old boys' club

"It took me a while to find this quote from a great American novel, but it was worth digging up. 'In a closed society where everybody's guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.' The stock market has always been a segregated, elitist, good old boys' club, and now that the doors are open and the lights are on, the roaches are running with a vengeance. I'll bet the greed heads think it's worth losing 20 percent to get rid of the bumpkins and their paltry 401k pennies."

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