Teeth still hurt

"Why is it so hard to find a dentist that accepts Medicaid? Can someone please help me on that?"

Spray them down

"Why do gas stations lock their bathrooms? Are they afraid someone will clean them?"

Check it out

"This is in response to 'The right to know' in Wednesday's Rant and Rave, dealing with sex offenders. You can go to www.ganet.org/gbi. Click on 'sex offenders,' enter Tifton and our zip code, and you can find out a list of the registered sex offenders in our county."

Talk to the children

"In reference to the sex offenders in Tift County, as a parent I have the same concerns. Upon calling the sheriff's department, the person was very helpful and she explained that the best way to get sex offenders names and addresses is to come by and get a list. She said that these offenders move around and it's very hard to keep updates on the Internet. As a parent in Tifton, I know that there are pedophiles amongst us that have not been tried for their despicable and repugnant acts. We must talk to our children. Our children need to know that not all adults are to be respected."

Just plain wrong

"There is no justification for war on Iraq at this time, besides the mis-administration's need to distract the nation from the mess it has gotten us into. We don't agree with China either, but we're not sending boys there to die. How is a civilian-slaughter in Iraq any more justified than flying planes into the twin towers? And Bush isn't even pretending that there is any connection. Children must die in Iraq because Bush wants a Republican congress? Bombs have to drop because the stock market does? Don't do that in my name -- much less for patriotism, or in God's name. It's wrong."

The parents' role

"I have personally seen 9-year olds buying beer, in a foreign country, for their fathers, sent three blocks over to the nearest shophouse in the neighborhood, and it caused no 'social problems' whatsoever because the parents are in charge of the children, who respect and obey them. It is not the law, ID checks, or the government that makes a people, but the parents."

Not in Hollywood

"Our culture's movies, music, and literature should be uplifting to our people and inspirational to the young, but that is not the case with what Hollywood is doing to us."

Take them down

"If law enforcement took down Jimmy Swaggert, where are the jail cells for Big Civil Rights frauds, phonies, and hucksters?"

Follow the Swiss

"American needs to do as Switzerland does. Switzerlands unemployment rate is in double digits. IN lieu of sitting on porch waiting for monthly checks, they assign each person not working a plot of land to keep clean. Around noon Friday, inspectors look at land, if land is clean, you get your check, if not clean, you go back to rocking without your check. You can ride 15 miles out in country and no trash can be seen. Idle hands are devils workshop. American might consider something like this, but ACLU would need to approve."

Don't complain

"You people who complain about welfare are the fortunate ones who have never had a heart attack, disease or mishap that would make you disabled or put you out of work for a while. It is good that we have welfare programs to help Americans in need. Why don't you complain about foreign aid? Our government gives away millions and is no benefit to the American people. Millions more are given to Israel to help murder the Palestinian people and steal their land. Before you complain, walk a mile with the man who has no feet."

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