Here's the question

"I see where the federal government is going to give the farmers some help with the disaster loan, yet Sonny Perdue is going to tax them to death. What's the answer?"

First the house

"It appalls me that the majority of voters in the state of Georgia were more interested in their flag than they were a home to fly it in front of. Folks, you voted Republican, you got exactly what you voted for. Live with it by supporting him and maybe he can do what he's planning to do, raise your taxes and then indeed you will not have a home to fly your flag. You need to wake up and smell the roses."

Chameleon government

"Reference our Mr. Bush and his comments on the affirmative action recently, I think the proper name for him right now would probably be 'lizard,' because you change colors at the drop of a hat. You run that mouth, you make statements and yet you see where it's affecting you, so you come back and you make a different statement. Why can't we wake up and see what's happening in front of our eyes? I think this administration should be called the lizard administration, not the Bush administration."

Easy come, easy go

"It will be the ones that voted Sonny in that will vote Sonny out."

Make up your mind

"While the campaign ads painted Max Cleland and Roy Barnes as supporters of higher taxes, it seems to me the elected Republicans failed to mention they would be raising taxes as soon as they sat down in their plush offices. What a novel way to stimulate the economy. I neglect improvements on my home because I'm well aware that the local tax assessor's office will quickly penalize me for it. I wonder why construction's down. It can't be because we have to buy our property back every few years. And what about our wishy-washy commissioners trying to cash in on the act? One day they say the county's finances are finally in order. Then the very next day they announce they'll have to raise the millage rate just to make ends meet. It seems they'll never be satisfied until we all live in government housing."

Think about it

"This is to all you people who keep calling and trashing our president about Iraq, saying it's all about oil. Well, of course, it is a lot about oil. Saddam Hussein would have possessed at least 20 percent of the world's supply of oil had Bush #1 not intervened and pushed him back out of Kuwait, which he had conquered. Do you not remember all the oil wells Hussein set afire as he was fleeing back to his country, Iraq? And that was just the first little country rich with oil. Think, friends, think. Bush is trying to look after us."

Go to the source

"Well, I see where our brilliant leaders are trying to raise taxes to fix the bridges in Tift County and surrounding counties. I don't understand why they don't go to the source of the damages that are done. I understand that the bridges are in bad shape, but it's not us taxpayers that are driving regular automobiles, it's all these trucks that are coming in here, many of them from other states and so forth. You can't hardly get on the highway for them and they tear up the roads and bridges. Why don't we just raise taxes on all these truckers and start shipping stuff by rail or just by local trucks, because they are a nuisance, dangerous and they tear up the roads. So let's tax them and forget about taxing the poor working people out here trying to make a living."

Character education?

"Our school board and our school system say we teach values. After reading Saturday's paper, I don't think so."

Way to go, cheerleaders

"Congratulation to Tift County varsity cheerleaders. They won again this weekend, today on Saturday at Adel, won first place. Good jobs, girls and coaches. Thanks. And fans, and mamas and daddies."


"The Tift County jail system is a joke. They really need to get visitation together and stop treating visitors as inmates. Everyone deserves respect."

Put a lid on it

"Reading Rant and Rave this morning, the old Democrats sure are sorry about them getting defeated this time. It was abou

t time. They're the ones that got us in the mess to start with. Somebody has to come along and straighten it out. And for the moron who tried to tell you that Bush is getting a big tax break and you're not getting a dollar, he doesn't know what he's talking about. I'm a peon that's worked all my life for my money, and I'm getting a tax break and so is everybody else that worked. Now, if you're on welfare, you're probably not faring so well. And if you're a Democrat of course you're really sorry that you've got Republicans in the office. So why don't you just shut up and support the president? He knows what he's doing. And to the people that feel that some of the three or four nations could get together and disarm the United States, there ain't no three or four nations in the entire world that could do it, because we've got a good strong government under George Bush that we wouldn't have if we had Bill Clinton or any of those Democrats we've had for the last many years."

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