Going too far

"In the news this morning, there was news that a group wants to remove the late Sen. Richard Russell's name from the Senate office building. They're the same group that also changed the state flag of Georgia. They have also destroyed the works of one of the South's greatest songwriters, Stephen Foster. I think these people have gone too far. They wanted to write history as they wanted it, not how history really happened. I think it's time for us to put our foot down and stop this mess."

Keep it clean

"I was calling about the GA basketball at First Baptist Church. We go to First Baptist Church, and my daughter is on the basketball team, some of the GA teams at First Baptist. I just wanted to express how appalled I've been at some of the parents' behavior at some of the basketball games lately. I think we need to remember that we're at church and that this is a church league and the whole point of being there is not about who wins or loses but about being Christians and showing our children how to socialize together and be Christians together."

Fantastic nurse

"I'm calling in to recognize a nurse on the OB floor at Tift Regional Medical Center. Her name is Brooke Arrington. I was admitted three times for pre-term labor and the fourth time for delivery. She was my nurse each time. This is the most humble, caring, professional young lady in the state of Georgia, I do believe, in a hospital setting. I think Tift Regional should be grateful to have such a nurse with this caliber and this love for human beings. I feel she needs to be recognized."

Simple solution

"Here's advice to President Bush for world peace. Give Saddam Hussein three days to evacuate the city of Baghdad because we're going to nuke it, and then nuke it. One week later, call Syria to evacuate Damascus because we're going to nuke it and then nuke it. Let their people live in refugee camps. Not one cent from the U.S. ever to help them. President Truman punished Japan by nuking them. We've had peace for over 50 years. Truman was a real man."

Stick up for America

"It seems that we have some nations that are Iraqi-loving people that regardless of whatever evidence we present are still going to be for Iraq. And China and these other nations, if you go down and try to buy a toy for your grandbaby and look where it's made and all the other stuff. So I say that if they can't come across and help us defend these United States, why should we continue to buy stuff from them? Let's just cut off our trade. It's time that we stick up for America."

Remember that flag?

"This is for the people who have a problem with the flag. I don't know what we're supposed to do. But if it's a matter of heritage or it's a matter of hate or if it's a matter of history, I don't know what the choice should be. But for all those who think that we should just get rid of the flag or just not think about it or say that it doesn't matter and that the flag is just a piece of fabric, what about the American flag? Have you ever thought about that? It's just a piece of fabric, but what if you tried to get rid of it?"

Means two things

"Some people want us to keep our previous Georgia flag so that we won't forget our history. But isn't that why Georgia history and American history are required courses in our schools? The rebel flag is a symbol of a time of rebellion. It was first displayed with pride as the flag of the Confederacy. Later, it was constantly waved or displayed during riots or outbreaks between blacks and whites and in pictures of KKK meetings. It can be a symbol of pride or hatred."

No more blind spot

"Thank you to the people that live on the corner of Sixth Street at the Eighth Street school. Thank you for making it safe for our children and for the pedestrians and also the drivers by taking down your shrubbery. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Many thanks

"Thanks to Shoney's from all the Legionnaires and veterans of Tift County for removing your tattered flag. If you want it disposed of at a proper ceremony, please call any Legi

onnaire and we will see that it's done in May at Valdosta. Thank you kindly."

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