Thanks for Bush

"For the life of me, I don't understand people in this country that do not realize that their freedom came with a choice and a price. I lost a beautiful brother in war, fighting for the freedom we have today. We have become a lazy, spoiled country that takes our way of life for granted. God help us, because we're going to need it, and thank God for our President, George Bush."

No justice

"Regarding Thursday's headline, I'm happy for Ms. Smith and her family. But Judge McCorvey has taken the blindfold off of justice. It isn't right."

There goes the gas

"You know, George Bush's henchman Colin Powell came on national television yesterday in his address to the United Nations and talked about war. Immediately, the price of gasoline in Tifton went up 6 cents overnight. If war is declared by George Bush, look at upwards of $2 a gallon. Of course, maybe you can get a Small Business Administration loan if it still exists. If this is George Bush's new economy plan, count me as a taxpayer and a citizen out."

We're paying for it

"Americans take notice. We went and fought Germany, we went and fought Korea, we went and fought all these other countries. We have been in some of those countries since the late 40s, early 50s. When we go to war with Iraq, we'll be there until infinity. If you think this is a game that George Bush is playing, you're wrong. It's not a game. We're going to spend trillions. And who pays for this? We as American taxpayers."

Third time's a charm

"Although it's great to hear about Southern Living magazine featuring Tifton, it's not the second but third time. A few years ago, the magazine chose out of numerous events and spotlights to showcase our local establishment, Coffee Corner. If you visit our downtown cafe, the article is hanging framed on one of the dining room walls. I just want to say thank you, Coffee Corner, for your nationally recognized service."

Wonderful service

"This is a Rave. I would like to thank Mr. Wayne W. at the Tifton Post Office. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me. Thanks again to Mr. Wayne W. at the Tifton Post Office He's very good, very good worker, went above and beyond the call of duty to help me."

Follow His word

"This is an answer to 'Keep it clean.' If we first follow the teaching of God's word in the Bible, these things would not be. Games originated with the Romans. They came from worldly events. Think about it. Jesus did not teach games in the temple. He did teach God's word. He never taught competition, but compassion and love. He never taught violence, so do we need to teach it in our churches by incorporating the world in worship in any manner?"

Great job DECA

"Congratulations to the Tift County High School DECA club on their competition in Albany this week for a job well done and to Erica Hutchinson for her first-place victory. Great job."

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